Aramark and an All American All-Star Game makes Jeff a Jealous Boy

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So…we know that the MLB All-Star Game was a little over a month and a half ago, but we thought we would still fill you in on our adventures within the festivity.  One of our new clients is Aramark, a nationwide food a beverage company.  If you don’t know who they are-you’re probably wrong.  Once you have associated their logo with anything having to do with yourself, you’ll start to notice that they are everywhere.  Their clients consist of: Angel Stadium, The Anaheim Convention Center and The Honda Center – and that’s just to name a few around here.


We were asked to take photography of their involvement at the 2010 MLB All-Star Game which took place at Angel Stadium.  Jeff, having moved up to God knows where, was not able to take part in the fun, leaving me to have to power through all the good food and excitement all by myself.  The sad part is: I’m not that big of a baseball fan, and anyone who knows Jeff can only imagine his disappointment when he heard that it was I who got to attend this, some might say, momentous occasion.  Click on the link below for some more photos from the day.  Enjoy.
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Yeah, We’re Married

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You saw the posting of the Engagement Session with Mr. Jonathan West, now see the real thing.

The wedding was pretty much the best wedding ever. The ceremony, held at Caspers Wilderness Park, was beautiful. A natural amphitheater, formed by a clearing in the forest and our guests, surrounded the spot where we began our lives together. The reception, thrown at our friends’ house in Orange, CA, could not have been more appropriate. A bunch of friends, celebrating a big day, together. Eating, drinking, dancing and singing. It was fantastic.
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The Engagement Session

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First, sorry for the long delay in posting. It’s been a busy, busy month. New job, new car, new projects, new wife. Lots has happened in the last few months, I’ll start with the biggest one…

I married this girl.
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Hobo Love

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Someone’s getting married.


It’s me.
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Movember – The Month Formerly Known As November

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New Image about movember.jpg

November is no longer just the eleventh month of the year. It’s now more famously known as “Movember”. Men: grow your moustaches. Women: grow your moustaches, or draw one on. Go out, get a sponsor, raise some money to benefit prostate cancer research. Looking good has never been so good.
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The Hobosoul Reinvented!

Posted by jeff | Posted in Events/Parties | Posted on 12-10-2009

Our new site debuted Saturday, October 11th, 2009. Behind the fantastic design work of Ramsey McDaniel and the tedious, detail oriented and thorough programming of my brother Ashley, we present you this site.

Explore, enjoy, and find some hidden hobo treasures along the way.

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Chuck’s Birthday

Posted by jeff | Posted in Events/Parties, Friends | Posted on 01-09-2009

Long time team member of the Hobosoul and good friend, Chuck Oldfield celebrated his birthday about a month ago. I’m WAY behind on blogs for reasons you can read about in my last entry, so that’s why I’m updating you now.


We made our way up to Wrightwood, CA to camp for the weekend. To camp, cook hobo stew, and see if the Vanagon could make it through the mountains.
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“The Volkswagen Experience”

Posted by jeff | Posted in Events/Parties, Filmmaking, Friends, Storytelling | Posted on 30-04-2009

By now, I hope you’ve read the first installments of my “Volkswagen Experience”. (If you linked here from Neil Crawford’s blog, read them. It wasn’t pushing the van at 70mph down the freeway. His mechanic put in a dipstick from a gas engine so the engine was 2.5 quarts low on oil, even though it read full. Get the story straight Neil)

After almost 8 months, I finally got the van. And those that brought it to me, Jon, Jacob and Ian Stowe, captured their story. (BTW, they are the biggest hobosoul fans ever…custom making hobosoul stencils and t-shirts.)

The Volkswagen Experience from ianstowe on Vimeo.

Thanks for so much enjoyment. Glad I made the cut. And I’m glad they made it down here, cause that van hasn’t run well in my hands.
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SALTON SEA – Photo #1

Posted by vern | Posted in Events/Parties, Friends | Posted on 22-03-2009

I was busy filming our newest short film project, “Now By The Sea”, so I completely forgot to take photos of the trip itself. Saturday night, while Jeff was deep in the desert exploring uncharted golf courses and picking up hitchhikers, about 25 of our friends made a little old fashioned HOBO STEW, and I snapped off this pretty fellow:


I had the best stew I’ve ever made. The secret was: brussel sprouts, whole cloves of garlic, and polska kielbasa.

February Film Project – “Last Man on Earth” Recap

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Last Sunday, roughly twenty people undertook our first shoot of our monthly projects. “Last Man on Earth” was written by Jesse Gloyd, directed by Vern Moen, and shot by DP Andrew Lockerbie. The whole day was certainly a learning project for all of us, attempting a musical shot in a void. Just a few shots from the day is all I have to offer you right now, but the short will be coming out soon, with luck, by the end of the month.

The shoot saw us attempt fake blood (thanks Tiffany Patton), one of our stars working as our AC (thanks Tom Dunne), our writer sleeping most of the day away (thanks Jesse), and our two interns working the audio, fog, and ash (thanks Dan Svec and Alex Garza). We used a script supervisor for the first time (thanks DeAndra Rich) and two fake knives, one of which was sawed off at the end for some final shots (thanks Eric Trine). We also had our first real gaffer, Billy Harnist, who kept on the ball without gloves for the majority of the day.

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February Film Project – “Last Man On Earth”

Posted by vern | Posted in Events/Parties | Posted on 22-01-2009

One of our goals for the year is to produce some sort of quality product every month. We’ll be considering these “experimental” projects/films, as on each one we’ll be doing something we’ve never cinematically done before.

This months goal: a MUSICAL filmed in a VOID.

As of right now:
Starring: Jeff Leatherwood, Laura Thatcher, Tom Dunne
Writer/Co-Producer: Jesse Gloyd
Director/Executive Producer: Vern Moen
Producer: Jeff Stone
Editor: Jeff Stone
Assistant Director: Melinda Moen
Director of Photography: (Damion Giunta)(Vern Moen)
Assistant Camera: Andrew Lockerbie
Gaffer: Billy Harnist
Audio Mixer: Alex Julio Garza
Makeup: Tiffany Patton
Music Editor: Sam Morgan
Music by: Jesse Gloyd
Choreographer: Robert Prescott Lee
Stunt Coordinator: Eric Trine
PA: Dan Svec
Location: Light + Space Studio, Long Beach

And just for fun, we’re throwing in a KNIFE FIGHT. Why not.

We’ll post updates and pics as they come in. The script is 9 pages long, it’s dark, and we just lost our lead actress, so…

Sundance 2009

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For the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Sundance Film Festival, half the Hobosoul team (me) and friends made our annual trip to Park City, UT. Sadly, there was not enough snow on the ground to replicate last year’s adventures, nor did we have a film in the festival this year.

It was about friends, about enjoyment, about cold weather and about other people’s movies.
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Categories…on the left

Posted by jeff | Posted in Events/Parties, Resourceful Living | Posted on 08-12-2008

I haven’t posted in quite a bit because I’ve been working long and hard on the “categories” that you’ll see on the lower left side of our blog.

It’ll make searching our archives easier, as you’ll be able to choose what you want to read about and get to an easy listing of those posts.

If you want to see any of our videos, you’ll no longer have to search thru each post. It’s all right there. If you want to know about hobos or hobo lifestyles, check out “Bringing Back The Hobo” category. For our travels, you’ve got it.

Hope you enjoy.

Quick Reminder, Tomorrow’s Event

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Just sending out a reminder for our event tomorrow night.

Saturday, November 15th – 6-10pm
Callis Family Boat Yard in Seal Beach.
700 Marina Dr
Seal Beach, CA

The Society of Interested Persons Bi-Monthly Salon.

Featuring: The Hobosoul, Dan Callis, Avi Buffalo Music, The Bro Futurists Mobile Art Van, and more.
Free Admission, Free Beer, Free Wine, Free High-Fives!

Hobo Stew – cooked fresh to order – $5 – Come hungry and with money!
The Hobosoul T-shirts – custom screen printing on site – made to order – $12
Shirt and Stew – $15
Custom, made to order Beer Koozie – $2
Free T-Shirts by Delve to first 50 people who show up
Cash and Carry Art Sale in the Bro Futurist Van – all work available for under $20 each

Forward this to your friends even if you can’t make it tomorrow.
Post it on your blogs, now, please.

Thanks, hope to see you all tomorrow night!

The Society of Interested Persons Salon

Posted by jeff | Posted in Events/Parties, Resourceful Living | Posted on 06-11-2008

Got some gospel goodness for you in less than two weeks:

The Society of Interested Persons Salon takes place every other month and comprises a unique setting for an artist, musician, literary person, and a lecturer to come and share their share-worthy things to a group of interested persons. Come on out on November 15th and participate in that group of interested persons.
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