Duality – An Update

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We’ve been hard at work editing Duality since April, slowly but surely making progress on what we feel is a great film.

See our trailer below, enjoy it. Love it. Share it. Watch it over and over, until you get the chance to see the film for real.

We’ve got plenty of other things in the works, more trailers to come!

The Gospels – Dance Decay

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Our latest video has us teaming up with Orange County natives The Gospels in the release of their song “Dance Decay”. The Gospels, based out of Fullerton CA, are straight forward rock-and-roll, straight from the garage. Check them out on Bennett Records along with a handful of other fantastic musicians. And, enjoy the video.

Director: Chuck Oldfield
DP: Matt Snelson
Camera Operator: Dave Navasartian
Edited by: Phil Higson and Chuck Oldfield

Lots To Come

Posted by chuck | Posted in Filmmaking, Storytelling, Video | Posted on 08-11-2011

Hey everyone. So, it’s been a little while since we last spoke; we know, we know. But like most guys would, we are going to overlook the fact that we have been MIA and shower you with all the promises of what’s to come and hope that you forget all about the fact that we left you pining for a little Hobosoul.

Coming soon:

Br4ss Underwear: Commercial
Glimpse: Short Film
The Gospels – Dance Decay: Music Video
The Steelwells – This Dance is Out of Your Hands: Music Video
A Series Of Shorts shot/directed/edited by Jeff Stone
Gatorade: Spec Spot
Adidas: Spec Spot
Avia: Spec Spot

On top of all these things, a new web design AND a brand new Hobosoul reel. It’ll be everything you’ve ever dreamed of…and more.

The Hobosoul, makin even easier to keep in the loop

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The Hobosoul is now on twitter. Follow us and we’ll keep you posted on what we’re up to and when we have new projects up for you to see.  Search for @thehobosoul.

Settling In

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Now that the settling in to the Airstream is (99%) complete, I can start to focus again on the creative ventures the Hobosoul is in the midst of completing/starting.

Just a few quick pictures for your enjoyment, a link to a full gallery can be found at the bottom of the post.
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We’re back…

Posted by chuck | Posted in Filmmaking, Storytelling, Video | Posted on 15-06-2010

It’s been a little while since we’ve allowed you to take a gander into our heads…so here you go.  This Farrell’s commercial is the first of a bunch of new projects that we will be launching over the summer.

We teamed up with an agency known as Studio 360 to produce this spot for Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour Restaurants to promote their 1st Annual Ice Cream Eating Contest.

Go to our Projects Page to check out more videos.

The Man Date – released

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Officially the last film we shot in our attempt to shoot something every month last year, we have completed “The Man Date”.

Special thanks to all cast and crew, for their hard work on a long night of shooting and their patience in waiting for us to get this thing done. Coming in at a final budget of just under $200, I can safely say it is the most bang we’ve gotten for our buck…ever. We couldn’t have done that without all the help/donated time (which would really bring the final budget up over $2000), so make sure you watch and clap throughout the credits.
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RV Parking Restrictions – Law Suit and Settlement

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about the current battle in Venice, CA over the RVs and their right to park on streets overnight. I read an article months back (August, to be exact) that claimed that Venice residents were going to be suing the California Coastal Commission because they just won’t allow it. According the Commission, if parking is restricted on streets in Venice, it will prevent visitors from having access to the beach. Find that article here: http://la.metblogs.com/2009/08/15/venice-residents-sue-california-coastal-commission-over-denial-of-parking-restrictions/.
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The Engagement Session

Posted by jeff | Posted in Events/Parties, Storytelling | Posted on 04-05-2010

First, sorry for the long delay in posting. It’s been a busy, busy month. New job, new car, new projects, new wife. Lots has happened in the last few months, I’ll start with the biggest one…

I married this girl.
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Gatorade – “Redefine”

Posted by jeff | Posted in Filmmaking, Storytelling | Posted on 15-03-2010

In the midst of all the busy-ness of planning a wedding, working on a film and finishing up some corporate jobs, we managed to squeeze in a spec commercial shoot this weekend.

We teamed up with Ashley and Dave from Illuminate Design for this two day shoot. Written by “The Chuck”, Chuck Oldfield, shot by Dave and Matt Snelson on a Canon D5 Mark II and a stellar small cast, we think we’ve got something great.

Just a few weeks post on this one, we promise. Check back soon. Photo above is from the LA oil fields in central Los Angeles, where we were “training” our runner…at least that’s what the staff at the oil fields believes.

2009 – By the Numbers (and Words.)

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At the beginning of the year, I said it’d be the Year of the Hobo. That proved true. Many people make New Year’s Resolutions or goals for the upcoming year…and then forget them by February. Not us. It might have been the most productive, most enjoyable, busiest year of my life, full of huge life changes, important decisions and huge strides forward in career and life. And so, here’s the summary.
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The Imaginarium of Terry Gilliam

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I don’t intend to have all my posts be about someone else’s work but the The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus is one film I could not pass up telling you about. If you are a fan of film, you probably already know about this, for those who don’t troll around the Internet all day watching movie trailers, this one’s for you.

Directed by Terry Gilliam, the man who brought us Brazil, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, and so on, brings us this new story about Dr. Parnassus and his traveling show, where he leads members of his audience through their imaginations. But Dr. Parnassus has a secret. 1,000 years ago he made a bet with the Devil for immortality and won, only to trade his immortality for youth to be with his one true love. But in order to make this trade he promises the Devil his first born child when he or she turns 16. It is now the present day and Dr. Parnassus’ daughter is almost 16 and he must find away to win back her freedom.
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He’s Back

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My favorite film maker, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, returns with his new movie “Micmac’s a Tire-Larigot”. Jean-Pierre is best known for his film “Amelie”. If this is the only movie that you have seen by the French director, you are all missing out.
Before Amelie he co-directed two movies with Marc Caro called “Delicatessen” and “City of Lost Children”, and then went on to solo direct “Alien Resurrection”. After Amelie he directed “A Very Long Engagement”. Jean-Pierre Jeunet has had the most influence on me by far.
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Being a Man

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Junior has been quite the frustrating friend lately. Just last week on our ride back from Orange County, he started pouring coolant everywhere. Not sure how long, not sure how it started. Today, I had a flat tire.

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Vanagon Love/Hate

Posted by jeff | Posted in Storytelling | Posted on 21-07-2009

First, I have my vanagon, fresh off it’s second engine rebuild. More on that later.

Second, I had two great experiences today that involved ‘Junior’. The first, a positive one. I was cleaning out the back over near the location of the motorhome when I hear “What year is that?” from behind me somewhere. This sparked a 15 minute conversation with Peter, who’s getting into the Vanagon market. He caught me in a time when I’m really happy and excited to be driving the van, so I had many great things to tell him. Turns out we’re in the same business, and our paths most likely crossed on some movies in the past.

The second…not so nice. I pulled the van up and parked on the street near DeAndra’s house. I was getting off the phone, and while doing so, one of the residents waited outside my door. He inquired how long I’d be parking there…because he thought I was going to live in it right there. I was caught off guard, and didn’t have any witty or insightful words about hobo life…and I kick myself for it. He complained about some guy who camped in front of his house, barbecuing and whatever…still, caught off guard I assuaged his fears and assured him I’d only be there a few hours.

The life of the long haired, bearded, hobo Vanagon owner. Love to have you join the club.