The Gospels – Dance Decay

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Our latest video has us teaming up with Orange County natives The Gospels in the release of their song “Dance Decay”. The Gospels, based out of Fullerton CA, are straight forward rock-and-roll, straight from the garage. Check them out on Bennett Records along with a handful of other fantastic musicians. And, enjoy the video.

Director: Chuck Oldfield
DP: Matt Snelson
Camera Operator: Dave Navasartian
Edited by: Phil Higson and Chuck Oldfield

The View from Up High

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While we’re in transition, both personally and as a company, I thought I’d take a second to post a picture from the roof of where D and I are staying until we move into the Airstream.

Come visit soon.

The future Mr. and Mrs Stone

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A couple weeks ago I took some pictures of Jeff And his beautiful lady in crime (DeAndra), to be used in a design for the beer bottle labels that will be consumed in their upcoming wedding. Here are some of the left overs from that day. The label is on its way.



You can see more photos from the day here.

Inkman – King of the Hobos

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Recently I received a call from royalty. The National King of the Hobos, Mr. Tommy from the Railroad, the Inkman, was calling to catch up.

Hobo King photograph

Inkman was the first hobo we met when we attended the Hobo Convention in 2007. Vern, Melinda and I were walking the mean streets of Britt, IA, feeling lost, alone and confused.

And there he was, wandering those same streets. With stories. With encouragements. With lots and lots of words. He’s certainly a talker…and a hobo politician. Our paths crisscrossed a number of other times throughout the event, with meals, interviews and events.
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2009 – By the Numbers (and Words.)

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At the beginning of the year, I said it’d be the Year of the Hobo. That proved true. Many people make New Year’s Resolutions or goals for the upcoming year…and then forget them by February. Not us. It might have been the most productive, most enjoyable, busiest year of my life, full of huge life changes, important decisions and huge strides forward in career and life. And so, here’s the summary.
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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

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Hello all.  My name is, undoubtedly, Charles Oldfield.


From time to time I have been mentioned in this blog, but never has there been a time such as this one.  My first entry!

I’m not going to lie my friends, the weight of what to write for a first entry is a heavy one, about 156 lbs, give or take.  So I will keep it short and simple…

Thank you for your time.

Movember – The Month Formerly Known As November

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New Image about movember.jpg

November is no longer just the eleventh month of the year. It’s now more famously known as “Movember”. Men: grow your moustaches. Women: grow your moustaches, or draw one on. Go out, get a sponsor, raise some money to benefit prostate cancer research. Looking good has never been so good.
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Chuck’s Birthday

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Long time team member of the Hobosoul and good friend, Chuck Oldfield celebrated his birthday about a month ago. I’m WAY behind on blogs for reasons you can read about in my last entry, so that’s why I’m updating you now.


We made our way up to Wrightwood, CA to camp for the weekend. To camp, cook hobo stew, and see if the Vanagon could make it through the mountains.
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New Website Coming Soon

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Since Vern and I have parted ways with the Hobosoul, I’ve been hard at work giving the company a facelift and a organizational redesign. Many generous hobo friends have come out of the woodwork and have been contributing to it all, mostly Ramsey McDaniel, who’s been working hard on the new site/logos/cards/you name it. Extraordinary, is all I can say, about her designs and her generosity.

Just as a tease, here’s a pic of our latest photo shoot for the site. Chuck, on the railroad tracks in downtown LA, probably illegally (but we saw no “No Trespassing” signs), taking photos for the new blog page. We were chased out eventually…and “sped” off in the Vanagon.


Red Stripe “Bashment” Starring Jeff Stone

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Not sure if you could really say I was the “star”, but I’m definitely the best. Directed by friend Isaac Rentz and produced by hobo Steve Buchanen, featuring me and a bunch other people partying with Red Stripe.

Where the Wild Things (Were)

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After almost a year of work on Where the Wild Things Are, I’m finally done.

Just a quick thanks to Ed Marsh, Erik Jessen, Steve Bobertz, Lisa Dennis, Eric Zumbrunnen, Spike Jonze, Vince Landay, Daniel Jeannette, Geoffrey Stott, Stuart Lowder, Randy Bol, Russell Sanzgiri, and Natalie Farrey for an enjoyable time and a great run (how’s that for name dropping?).

It’s great when you leave a job and everyone tells you that you are welcome back anytime and everyone’s already looking for your next job for you.

The movie comes out October 16, 2009.

June “Hobo Involved” Project

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To follow up this post on the shoot I was a part of this June, I present the final product.

Matt Sullivan
directed and edited, Johnny Walker provided music, Johnny Walker Comedy producing, Bri Smith as Guy in Car with Magic Harmonica, and me, as the homeless guy. Enjoy.

Goodbye Hobosoul

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So, after much consideration, I’ve decided to leave Hobosoul Productions in the very capable hands of Jeff Stone.

Hobosoul was originally a high school project named/created by Jesse Gloyd and myself. After Jeff and I moved into the Winnebago in December of 2006 in hopes of starting a production company, I petitioned Jesse for rights to the ever more appropriate company name, which he graciously gave to us.

Recently and unfortunately, Jeff and I have found ourselves moving in different directions in regards to storytelling and the general focuses of Hobosoul — different enough to bring up the thought of splitting our partnership. A few weeks ago that happened.

Fortunately, and, I suppose, somewhat ironically, our friendship, in the adjustment, has improved and we’re able to support and respond to each other better than before.

On the evening we signed papers making it official, we drank a bottle of (I think) Two Dollar Charles, like the old days, and blessed each others businesses.

I look forward to working with Jeff and everyone else here at Hobosoul on a regular basis.

Thank you Jeff, and to everyone else who’s supported us and been part of so many enjoyable projects. It’s been a pleasure.

My new email is and my new company is Long Beach Film Company and the website is (in its infancy).

June Film Project – “Feed the Cars” RECAP

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In the continuing journey to be a part of a project for every month this year, I found myself on the set of comedian Johnny Walker‘s newest music video. They needed a homeless man.

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OC Register Article on “The Academy”

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I’ve been working on a TV show recently out of Irvine for the Orange County Fire Authority. Last week we had our media/press day and I got some photos featured in the OC Register. I couldn’t get the photos, but here’s link to the article