48 Hour Film Photos

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48 Hour Film Recap – “A Ghost Story”

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We turned a banana into a 9mm pistol. The rest was a blur. More pics to come…



48 Hour Film Festival.

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48 Hours, 30 people, one film. The kickoff is this evening, we’ll have a movie done and posted by the end of next week.

Wish us luck–and don’t forget that we added a new episode in the Winnebago Experience–where we bought our home.

The Text Messages from the Police Encounter – 6:45am

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Nothing on earth is scarier to us than hearing a Police radio scanner outside our window followed by a knock on the door. This is a play by play text message script of when the Police knocked on our door at 6:45am.

BECAUSE WE CAN ONLY GET IN TROUBLE IF THE POLICE KNOW THAT WE ARE INSIDE, we carefully pulled the sheets over our heads, quieted our thumping hearts, grabbed our cell phones, and communicated in the only way we could — text messaging from the opposite ends of the Winnebago.

Jeff, 6:42am – “I think we gotta move quick. I think i heard them say to tow it”
Vern, 6:47am – “Did they put a note up”
Jeff, 6:47am – “Not sure but some other guy just came to the window up here and said move immediately or something like that”
Vern, 6:49am – “Im going 2 look outside”
Jeff, 6:49am – “Ok. You mean from bed? I think he was reading something.”
Vern, 6:51am – “Hes still there?”
Jeff, 6:51am – “No. Plus i hid so not sure. Were you just moving?”
Vern, 6:53am – “Im timing my movements with passing cars. Kitchen window’s open a bit.”
Jeff, 6:54am – “I say we drive somewhere for the day and then do some good scouting today.”
Vern, 6:57am – “Good idea. Ill get up and look around.”

And so are our lives…

The hard life

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Lately, things haven’t been easy living in an RV. This note, sadly, was given to us shortly after our “tuna and pipe” experience you’ve been reading over and over the past few weeks. We also had a note from the police that day as well.
The best/worst part-the note was accompanied by an irate neighbor who had a shouting/swearing match with Vern while he parked. Sadly, we haven’t been back and have no video of it–the camera didn’t start recording.


Armed with our new improved “t-shirt curtains”, we feel we’re more discreet inside our RV-as we’ve lately had neighbors stare us down as we pull in/away, cops knocking at 7 am (in true hobo fashion, we quietly pull our sheets over our heads and hide), notes to move, and finally-our first vandalism of the experience.


Josh. For some reason, Josh didn’t like us or our friend Kevin Carpenter. In his first night staying over, we branched out in our life in the Winnebago. We discover Don Chuy’s, our new favorite restaurant (which you’ll find a review for on the forum), we smoked pipes and drank scotch on the roof (on the side of the street) and then we ventured to the nearest bar-the 90 West Lounge. Small bar, nice people, only serves beer and wine (and soju-a korean rice wine that will mess you up), pool table, jukebox. But then there’s Josh. A friendly young guy, until he started drinking and then wanted to fight. Us. Somewhere along the way we made the mistake of saying we lived in the Winnebago, to which he must have watched us go home. As we’re just curling up to go to bed watching a DVD, two loud bangs are heard and Vern and Kevin jumped out. I was already in bed and couldn’t find my pants. When I did, I grabbed the camera to get Vern chasing the kid home–who then chased Vern back to the scene of the crime (?-he’s not the smartest vandal). There was a confrontation-all on camera-until Josh saw it and took off. And Kevin followed with a shinai (a bamboo sword) – to counter Josh’s collapsible baton (an illegal steel weapon) – but we never found him.
And we’re left with this.