Collective Soul – Afterwards album out 8/28/07

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Yep, they’re still around. Last I heard, Ed Roland (lead singer) was moving to LA to work on some solo work…pick the album up only at Target and on iTunes.
I’ve got it, they’ll always have a similar sound to all their albums but like the last few, this has it’s own unique flavor. Check it out.

Their site:

“Venice Residents and RVs”: The Argonaut, 8/30/2007

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The Argonaut

Venice: Residents say RVs parking overnight are turning some areas into a campground


Lining parts of Rose Avenue, west of Lincoln Boulevard in Venice, are vehicles that some neighbors say they’ve seen parked on the street for as long as days at a time.

At the center of the issue are recreational vehicles (RVs) which residents say take a spot on the street and don’t move until they’re required to, either by the street sweeping schedule or the 72-hour limit for vehicles staying in the same location.

To some neighbors, those stationary vehicles and others on Rose and other neighborhood streets west of Lincoln Boulevard are turning the areas into a campground.

The vehicles parked for lengthy periods of time have been an issue of concern for some Venice residents living west of Lincoln who claim they create unsanitary conditions and reduce the availability of parking in the neighborhood.

“Venice isn’t a campground,” said Richard Myers, a Venice Neighborhood Council member who lives on Rose Avenue.
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“Ways of Dealing with the Hobo”, Chicago Tribune article (1877)

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“The simplest plan, probably, where one is not a member of the Humane Society, is to put a little strychnine or arsenic in the meat and other supplies furnished the tramp. This produces death within a comparatively short period of time, is a warning to other tramps to keep out of the neighborhood, keeps the Coroner in good humor, and saves one’s chickens and other portable property from constant destruction.”

Now…I haven’t been able to find out if this were a tongue-in-cheek article or not, but it really brings into question whether the original hobo was a noble character. If he were so noble, why was he stealing/killing chickens?

On beauty, desire, and life

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In trying to find a notebook to write out a script for my most recent project, I found an old school notebook that doubled as a journal when I first moved to California. I’m pretty sure I wrote this sitting on the beach one day, pondering life, God, and my future. Circa January 2004 (there’s no date). It moved me. Here’s some:

“Realistically, I feel I can do whatever I please. Not that I’ll necessarily be good at it or that I’ll enjoy it or that it’ll be right. But I guess I’m confident in myself and in my ability to learn and to take on new things.

I just need the opportunity.
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My summer ramblings

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A quick update-I’ve been out of town in Mexico building houses for the last 5 days. Thus no blogs. Not sure what Vern was up to, that lazy piece of poo. He’s on his way to Chicago right now, to spend some time of his own out there.

I’ve got a gig to catch up on, and finish up, and I’ll give you my update from the other side of two months on the road–and most not in LA.


Another great link

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Markland from finds all the best links. Enjoy this one, a take on “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” that popular self-help book.

A Beauty Queen

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If you haven’t seen it yet, you must now. Way to go South Carolina.

More tips from “Hobo”

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hobo cover“A bar of soap. A hobo and a slow river are soul mates. There are a few rivers left in faraway places-train places-where the water is clear and clean. It’s usually stone-cold mountain water but it’s medicinal and it used to be snow, so it’s fresh. Mountain water can take that horrible train noise away. I just sit there and listen to the snow roll over the rocks and wait for a bird to chirp or a fish to jump-maybe skip a rock to the other side. I throw water on my face and take a hobo shower and let it all pass. When I’m, done I put my clothes back on, build a fire, and lie down on the ground. I watch the night sky dance between the trees.”

Beautiful. Read this book.

Words from Eddy Joe Cotton

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“…I would become a ‘Gentleman of the Country.’ A tramp. A man who could break codes. A man who does what he says he’s going to do. I might catch a few colds. I might trespass a fence or two. I might sleep in the dirt. I might sit behind a truck stop in Wyoming waiting for a train. I might get on that train. No matter what I did I would do it with honor.”

Well said.

From his book “Hobo”, Three Rivers Press. Just finished reading it in NY. More great thoughts to come.

Eddy Joe Cotton

National Hobo Convention 2007

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After reading Vern’s blog about the 2007 National Hobo Convention, I think you’ve gotten a good run down of what happened. I’ll add my two cents and fill in some gaps, but mostly my opinions.

My main goal in attending the hobo convention was to find out what the true heart of the hobo was. Where he was going (not geographically, but more in a metaphysical sense), what he wanted, and where he thought he’d end up. The “He” in all this should encompass the “she” hobos, but to make it easier, I’m just saying ‘he’.

We came into camp in Britt, IA on Thursday with expectations. Expectations of a group of people who lived minimally and enjoyed the time they had when they weren’t riding the rails, searching for work, or avoiding cops. We expected to find people with good hearts who traveled the rails/roads to work, to make their living, and to pass on the stories of their lives to whoever happened to be at the jungle. We expected sharing, we expected a campfire, and we expected to be accepted, welcomed, into that circle.
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THE STATE OF THE HOBO, 2007 Hobo Convention (by Vern)

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The National Hobo Convention 2007, thoughts from a modern hobo:

In a seemingly vain attempt to relate to the hobos, we decided not to bring a tent, and only one sleeping bag for the three of us. This was it — the 2007 NATIONAL HOBO CONVENTION. Months of waiting, dreaming, and training. We’d gone a few days without shower, and I had let my “beard” go free for a few pathetic weeks. We arrived in our 30 thousand dollar rental SUV and instantly tried to impress. I had my Ray-Bans and a white v-neck. Jeff hid behind his massive beard. And there we were. Vern, Jeff, and Melinda…and our camera. In the middle of Iowa. In a town known as Britt.


“The Hobo Jungle, Main Campfire”

What happened after that will have to be severely truncated for this blog. Within 4 days our beliefs, idealizations, attitudes, and opinions would switch tracks more than the UP 1080p going from Tennessee to Cleveland (I made that train up, and I’ll explain why). I loved my first 2 hours in Britt, Iowa…
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Rain in NY

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Day #1 in NY: it’s raining. I didn’t really come prepared for that…

Plus, I’ve contacted just about everyone I know that lives in the city for people to hang out with/places to stay. They’re all out of town. Furthermore, the coffee shop I’m at isn’t allowed into

I’ve got a few short hours to find a place to sleep tonight. Wish me luck.

Quick update from Jersey.

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Let’s just say this: the air is cleaner than I expected, there isn’t as much garbage, and the people are nice.


Is Jersey really the armpit of America?

As for me, I’m here for a wedding and then to hobo around NYC for a few days. Last night: rehearsal dinner–24 bottles of wine, 24 guests. It was a good night.

“The Bourne Ultimatum” Starring Guillermo — Not Hobo Related

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This is a spoof of “The Bourne Ultimatum” as it appeared on Jimmey Kimmel Live.

This has nothing to do with hobos, other than I’m sure at least one has seen it. It’s just very very funny. And I encourage funny. Enjoy.

See what we ate at the HOBO CONVENTION:

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Jeff and Melinda discuss one of the meals we enjoyed at this year’s National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa.