Winnebago Spring Rally!

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For those who don’t visit the forum, enjoy this:

What domesticity will do to a Hobo

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I thought it would take a bit longer than this, but living without wheels in his “home”, Vern has gone mad.

These photos were taken at his Thanksgiving dinner, Sunday before the real day. They illustrate the progression of his madness.

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Two hobos, celebrating their newfound “rich-ness”, in a weekend spent at Home Depot and Dockweiler RV Park.

These hobos, Jon Karp and Jeff Stone (opposite that in the photo) now have a hard wood floor. Our castle on wheels is quickly reaching millionaire status.

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Jeff and Crispin Glover…

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Last winter, I worked on a film called “It Is Fine. Everything Is Fine!”. Not my finest moments in filmmaking–we had a short amount of time to get the movie done, and way more work than we would have expected.

And we did most of it the hard way.

The film was directed by Crispin Glover, who was in the editing room for the majority of the work. Chris Roe, a documentarian from Current TV was also there–shooting everything. While this piece doesn’t hit some of the “best” parts of the weekend (Crispin freaking out, people yelling, etc), this is a great doc.


But don’t bother with the movie (I don’t think you could see it now if you tried…Crispin doesn’t distribute his films.)

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American Cinematographer Magazine.

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Vern’s the shooter of this team. But I’m the first one to get included in a write-up in a Cinematographer magazine. Go figure.

Guess I’m better at everything.

The article is about Switchfoot’s “Awakening” music that I cut last year with director Brandon Dickerson. Here’s the vid, if you haven’t seen it:

For the article…read on…
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Funniest Thing In The History of RVs

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You will not believe it. Never in your wildest dreams.

Karp (new hobo) woke me up this morning soon after he left so I could lock the door behind. Confused, I awoke, assuming he was unable to reach his keys.

Even in my half asleep state, I knew the magnitude of his next sentence, and that history had been made.

As I remember, he said,

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From the Winnebago.

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I fully intended to come home, pop on an episode of the Simpson’s before I fell asleep, and probably fall asleep before it ended.

Instead, I hear the familiar sound of my mail program telling me I have new mail.

So, I’m posting this entry…from the road. Because I can. Tonight, we have the Internet. And you can be assured, we’ll be back.

Thanks, neighbor!

Tin Horn Flats

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Check this place out, if you’re in for a great saloon that’ll treat you right. Good food, good beer, great atmosphere.
Plus the bartender followed us out just to tell me that I was good looking. Can you beat that service?
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How to Become a Hobo

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This is a great link sent to us by one of our most faithful fans…Adam Rogers.

You too, can learn how to become a hobo.