Drunk Cholo Calls 911, Amazing Phone Call/Video

Posted by vern | Posted in Video | Posted on 31-12-2007

One of the Drill Instructors at the Sheriff’s Academy led me on to this one: I’m transcribing it, so we can cast it, and turn it into our next screen play. It’s a conversation between a drunk cholo who has just fallen down the stairs, injured himself, and decided to call himself an ambulance. He lives in Compton. You will laugh out loud.

(This post has nothing to do with Hobos other than it made me, a hobo, laugh.)

Living in Squalor

Posted by jeff | Posted in Friends, Winnebago Experience | Posted on 27-12-2007

It’s been rough. The hobo life has been messy lately.

Karp, the new roomie, was “let go” along with the rest of Southern CA in his job with Milwaukee Tool. So…he had to get rid of his storage unit that stored all his demo tools and a bunch of his other personal stuff. Many of his personal stuff is gone, but tools still remain.

On top of that, it rained. And we leaked. Big time. Big time. Pouring rain, inside our home. Dick’s condom (an XXL tarp) was trapped covering my bikes on DeAndra’s (my girlfriend’s) porch. I was trapped in Jury Dury in Ventura County (where my legal address is). Karp was all alone with the rain, buckets, and towels.

Here’s what life has been like, the sad life of the hobo lately:

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One more from Construction day

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Photo taken by new hobo Jonathan Karp and edited by hobo at heart Gabriel Davis, of gabrielryan.net, photographer friend. Don’t miss his stuff.

Living in the Mall?

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Apparently, it’s true. This guy saw this mall being built and decided to take over the small space where construction crews stored their tools. He built up a cement wall, and then slowly moved in furniture, lights, and all other living accessories. For four (get that 4) years. Simply stunning.

Here’s his website:
Living In The Mall. Enjoy.

As a Hobo, I may have to SKIN A COYOTE TOMORROW…

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Though my hobo lifestyle may, physically, be behind me, I am still required to back-up all that I stand for.

Allow me to ramble a moment to explain myself and this post.

I am currently working on a reality TV series called “The Academy”, which documents the training of Los Angeles Sheriff Deputies. Part of their training lands us near Castaic, high in the hills, in the Pitchess Shooting Range.

There is a bit of mystery about me with the crew. Their knowledge of who I am and where I’ve come from ranges from, “He’s a strange fellow.” over to “Vern lived in an RV for a year and half, ended up going beserk while documenting his life and editing wedding videos in public restrooms and showering in fountains”.

Here, at this shooting range, on occasion, they kill coyotes.
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Crashing CHIAT/DAY

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Were we invited? Nope. At least not by management. Did we get in? Yep.

Union Station, 12/15/2007. CHIAT/DAY Holiday party. Los Angeles, CA.


Click for more photos…
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RV High Speed Chase!

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You won’t believe your eyes…

Hobo Style Hiking Stove

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There are brilliant people in the world…and they invent stuff like this:


A backpacking stove that is made using a beer can and a penny. Go figure. The other stuff, well, it’s flair. Check this stuff out:


Hobo, A Documentary

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The hobo culture still fascinates me. This doc was done by a friend from England’s friend. Still waiting to see the entire film, but here’s a short clip.

He sounds like someone we met at the hobo convention.

The Giving Tree

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You’ve all been waiting a long time…and we’ve finally released the Giving Tree, a short film we did with Three Trees Theatre.

The film stars Kevin Mack as the boy, Kathy Curran as the voice of the tree, and David Curran as the narrator.

To the many who helped throughout a long evening of shooting, we thank you.

The set and tree was designed by Tracy Close, so many thanks to her as well.

Enjoy. You can click below to watch or you can visit our video page, www.thehobosoul.com/video for it an the rest of our film library.

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A new way to hobo…

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Push, roll, or paddle your house! You can drop it in a field, anchor it in a lake, or hide yourself in an alley.

Introducing, the Snail Shell System.


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Some of you may already know that currently there is a turf war between rival Gypsy fortune telling gangs in Orange County. Please be careful while in pursuit of your personal future.


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Funny crap!

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OH man…if you haven’t heard of Stumble Upon, you’re missing out. Basically, it’s a Firefox plug-in which I think you can also get on Facebook now.

It’s a time-waster–for all that dead time at work when you’ve got nothing to do except surf the internet…and you’ve been doing that so long you’ve already visited your regulars…like The Hobosoul.

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