Hobo Fundraising

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Help us raise money for our feature film!
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Hobo Entertainment

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When you lack electricity, darkness is the end of your day. To entertain ourselves, we make full use of all the brilliant technological advances that Winnebago thought of back in 1973. The computer is on our pull out cutting board, which we never use for cutting.

IMPORTANT TIP: notice the drawer pulled out below, supporting the weight of the computer. We’ve got no idea if this is necessary (if you were cutting, you’d be pressing harder than the weight of the computer), but it sure makes you feel like you thought of something special.

“Hobo Snow”, A Break from the 2008 Sundance Film Festival

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Some may call it “Fire Sledding”, some “completely idiotic”, some “brilliantly simple” — either way, it’s in the can and documented.
Here’s ONE of the things we did at this year’s Sundance.

LEON RAY LIVINGSTON, The Original “A No. 1″

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Leon Ray Livingston, as classy as they come. He was riding the rails at age 11, and over the course of his lifetime he would log close to 500,000 miles. Everywhere he traveled he would inscribe his moniker, “A No. 1″, on the inside of boxcars. He left his cryptic sign across the land. It marked fences and barns and train yards, bare walls and storefronts from coast to cost.
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Sundance 2008 – Snow Pants Off!

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Cold, one of the keywords this year.

Fire is the other.
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Snow, movies, Collective Soul

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Got up here two nights ago, spent some time at the condo and then spent a day wandering around Park City, UT.

The Hobosoul is learning…we hit some finance seminars and met some key people who can help us get our short/feature rolling. We’ve even begun to contemplate the possibility of skipping the short and moving right to the feature.

The biggest news, for me, was the FREE Collective Soul show…Ed Roland and his brother Dean (both of the band) played an acoustic set at a party here…free beer, outdoors, 15 feet from the band. After the show, both hung out and talked with people, and both received Hobosoul thank you cards.
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Sundance Tomorrow

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It’s that time again. We’ll be headed out to Park City, UT to take on the festival. Opening weekend once again, we’ll be hitting movies, sneaking into parties, and enjoying fresh air outside of Los Angeles.


If you’ve got any movie suggestions, post a comment. We’re never sure what to look for, and we don’t want to end up watching Red Road again. That movie sucked.

Sliding Glass on a Motorhome?

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Moving On.

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“You’re going to be a lonely soldier soon,” says Jonathan Karp, the most recent hobo to be moving out of Dick.

As of yesterday, he told me he’s leaving on Thursday. Starting classes at a school in Central California, completing his degree, and possibly going into the Coast Guard.

And so it is. I’m on the lookout for a new roommate, with one already in the wings. I’ll keep you posted on this development, and of course, if I end up putting an ad in on craigslist, I’ll let you know.

It may include, “Experience driving large vehicles a plus,” or “Must like Dick” just to throw them off.

An Essential Hobo Spice

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Call it a spice, call it a rub, call it a concoction of beauty, whatever you will, this stuff saves lives.

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One of Our Most Popular (and Controversial) Posts

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It’s about train-hopping. And since the regular readers don’t necessarily check the archives, I thought I’d put it up here. More and more comments keep flowing in, and it’s all about a “freight hop train-ing” program that, in all likelyhood, will never be completed. And honestly, sounds ridiculous. Yet people keep finding it, posting comments, and warning us not to do it.

Read on, friends.

The Hobosoul Blog Recommitted

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I’ve realized lately that I’ve left you behind on the happenings of the Hobosoul on the blog. You’re more concerned about hearing what’s going on on the streets, in the life of a hobo, and why my life is better than yours.

Not the random crap I find on the Internet.
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Alternatives to “Weiners & Peas”

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Turkey and Corn.


A delicious hobo meal.

And…if you cook a meal like this in the same pan as you made your last, those flavors you thought were dead will mingle with your spices and foods from the current meal—oh scrumptious.

Paramount Eyes RV Parking Rules!

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If you own/live in an RV, steer clear of Paramount!

This article was found by David Markland of blogging.la and sent over to me:

Paramount eyes RV rules
PARKING: Commercial vehicles could also face size limits.
By Karen Robes
Staff Writer
Article Launched: 01/07/2008 09:10:39 PM PST

PARAMOUNT – Recreational and commercial vehicle owners may find it harder to park here if city leaders move forward with new parking regulations.

The City Council tonight will consider a proposed ordinance that would tighten restrictions on those who park their RVs and commercial vehicles on city streets.

The ordinance also seeks to ban owners of new commercial vehicles from parking on residential streets.

The proposal comes after leaders in several Southland cities approved laws limiting those types of vehicles on public streets and private property.
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Live! Official Trailer

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Finally found it…the official trailer of one of the last few films I’ve worked on. No release date in the US yet, but it’s in Europe.

The “official” description, from the IMDB:

In a world where reality and entertainment are continuously colliding, Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker Bill Guttentag’s feature debut Live! follows ABN network president Katy Courbet (Eva Mendes) and up-and-coming documentary filmmaker Rex (David Krumholtz) as inspiration strikes to create the most daring reality program ever. The show is Russian Roulette, network style, with contestants competing for 5 million dollars on-air, complete with loaded guns. As seen through the lens of a documentary film crew, Live! examines the competitive and often gut-wrenching world of television production, where everyone from the crew to the contestants to the network brass becomes engulfed in a ratings battle to the top-a battle where questions of morality, ethics and sheer will lead to a darkly humorous and unforgettable outcome.