Motorhome Racing

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This was submitted by Jeff Klingelhofer (host of Sundance 08). It’s long, but it’s well worth it.

You’ll never see us in Dick doing this…

Power to the People

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These lights haven’t been turned on in over a year. Up until two months ago (took me this long to post it…sorry), these lights were just a waste of space, the switches on the wall only to be flipped for giggles or to pass the time.

Until this came along:
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When it rains…it pours

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Dick leaks. His condom, a very large tarp, just isn’t doing the job anymore. It’s rained twice in the last 3 days, and it has been wet.

But that’s not the half of what’s been going on lately.

Here’s the rundown:
Steve (new hobo) and I (seasoned hobo) return home after a good night of tacos at Don Chuy’s, the Hobosoul’s mexican restaurant of choice. We park around the corner from the Winnebago and grab our stuff. As I entered, I noticed a woman sitting in her car close behind the Winnebago…obviously watching me carry a case of water inside. Steve follows close behind, with a load in his arms as well.

Me: “Did you see that woman behind us, sitting her car?”
Steve: “Yeah…but that’s not the worst part. There was a guy standing in the middle of the sidewalk with his hands on his hips, watching us with all of this stuff.”
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Hobosoul Productions — CURRENT PROJECTS

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For those parties interested, we thought we’d give you an update on HOBOSOUL Productions.

We are currently filming a documentary following the band Cold War Kids as they prepare to and record their sophomore album. The film project is scheduled to be distributed with the release of the album and is being shot in HD.


In July, the Hobosoul will be traveling to Malawi, Africa with the non-profit, “Water Wells For Africa“. We’ll be doing an HD Documentary on what the organization is doing to aid in the water shortage epidemic.


Jesse Gloyd is currently writing a feature script for The Hobosoul, which we will turn into our first feature film.

We are also finishing up our oldest project together — filmed back in 2005 — “Heavy Metal: The Movie”. It’s a short film about a group of metal detecting nerds who find themselves in a bind with cool kids and ninjas. In not only depicts our friends and family members as actors and stuntmen, but also our naivety, determination, and very obvious early filmmaker shortcomings. Here is the “Teaser” and the “Trailer“.

Jeff is working as an Assistant Editor on the film “Deep in the Valley” and editing the Behind-The-Scenes footage for “Remember the Daze“. I’m currently working as an Assistant Cameraman for the TV show, “The Academy” which follows L.A. County Sheriff recruits through their training academy.

Vern’s “StarMeter” on is up 316%, while Jeff’s is, unfortunately, down -64%. Poor Jeff.

The Hobosoul is very blessed to be involved with these projects at hand. We are looking forward to each one in many ways, and we’re hoping that this year will be a very exciting and fulfilling year for us. We feel our art and our skill is where it needs to be to produce some beautiful and meaningful products. We hope you stay tuned.


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Hobo stew has, un-ironically, taken many variations throughout the years. Originally, during the Depression, rail-hopping hobos would sleep in “Jungles” (hidden hobo campsites near railways). In each Jungle there would be a never ending campfire (a dream come true) and, on it, a large pot.

Hobo Jungle

As hobos would arrive, it was customary to donate one portion of whatever food you had — be it beans, bread, or beer — and that portion would be thrown into the pot, creating a never ending, constantly changing stew. The hobo would then help himself to a portion of stew that was (hopefully) more nutritious and flavorful than his original portion.

Also, many hobos we’re communists, but before it went bad and didn’t work.

Today, hobo stew, as we at the Hobosoul know it, looks like this:
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A New Hobo

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Hobosoul readers, this, is Steve. Steve, this is the Hobosoul.

The newest hobo to the streets moved in last night. He’s from Arizona, he’s never smoked a pipe. He enjoys good scotch, cooking and producing. Sorry ladies, he’s taken.
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For a good time, call….

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These three guys.


Sir Walter Raleigh (pipe tobacco), Dr. Grabow (pipe filters), and a good old fashioned corn cob pipe. A good smooth smoke, tobacco that’s affordable and still tasty (I throw a humidor pillow in there to keep it moist), and the pipe filter will smoothen out the harshness of the smoke in your throat.

You’ll be glad you did.

Hobo Rice

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If you don’t know what you’re doing…don’t make it.


Turns out, rice expands. I thought I was making enough for dinner and lunch the next day. I ended up with a full pot.

I’m stupid. But I’ve got rice…anyone want to come over?

Cold and Alone

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Vern’s been clamoring for it. He delights in my loneliness and pain.


Cold and alone. My only friends: Speyside scotch whiskey, Charles Shaw, Veggie Sticks from Trader Joes and the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition DVDs. If you look close enough, you may see a tear. And it’s not because Sam’s devotion to Frodo is touching.

It’s because Vern’s wasn’t the same toward me, he left.

Sam never left Frodo, Vern. Never.

And so it begins…

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“RV Row”, Rose Avenue in Venice Beach just west of Lincoln Blvd.


A 30 day program has been put into effect that will ban overnight parking of RVs in San Pedro and Brentwood. While this doesn’t directly effect the Hobosoul just yet, there may come a time when we’ll be searching for new places to live.

This article comes at me from our good friend at Metroblogging LA, David Markland. Contact him and tell him you’re waiting for his article about us to pop up on their website. He’s got some great photos that no one has ever seen.

Anyway, read the article, react, write your city officials. This is a bad idea, and well, your entertainment of us, will end. At least in its current form.

On a side note, I’m still living alone, cold and alone, and I hit a tree last night moving Dick. No damage, but it made a terrible noise and leaves fell everywhere.
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Oh my goodness!

The 24 Hour Apple Insomnia Film Festival (Friends and Hobos)

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Recently, Apple put on a 24 hr. film competition. These two films are up on our site for two separate reasons. The first has a Hobo in it and we’d like to support anyone supporting hobos. It’s pretty good as well, depicting how even hobos can be artists.

The second was made by some obviously talented filmmakers at my very own Alma Mater — “Biola University”. In fact, the star of “The Suburban Tea” is my wife’s friends young brother — And I fully support John Reines in his debut as “actor”. Well done.

It seems Biola has figured out their film program a bit since I left, and it’s nice to know where all my tuition money went to. John Reines and Filmmakers at Biola: I probably bought the camera you used, and it was my pleasure. I’d be honored to work with any of you again in the future (especially a DP [director of photography]).

For Suburban Tea, you’ll have to check out Apple’s website, which you can see here. Until they put it on Youtube, our blog site has blocked embeded videos…sorry. And enjoy.

Heroes And Villains…and Chinese Fortunes

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If you don’t believe these things, start now.


Days after I received this, we decided to skip doing another short and now we’re focusing on turning our script into a feature. For the writer’s blog, check out:

Railroad “Camp Cars”

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A little hobo information, or alternative living, or however you want to call it. My mom pointed this out…thanks hobo mom.


A big debate about the living conditions of railroad workers has been going on in Congress.

An NPR broadcast can be heard at:

From the Virginian Pilot:

By Gregory Richards
The Virginian-Pilot

To Norfolk Southern Corp., the “camp cars” it uses to house traveling railroad track maintenance workers are essential, especially in remote areas.

To the union representing those workers, the mobile sleeping quarters are outdated, often cramped and dirty, and lack flush toilets.
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Free Love

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Everybody’s doin’ it.

If you haven’t discovered this yet…visit this every day. People giving away stuff they don’t want…but you might.

Last night, I picked up what looks/smells like a new twin size futon mattress. I crammed it into the back of my tiny Toyota Celica and drove away. For the price…of one handshake.
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