Will Smith is a Hobo Hero (Maybe), Movie Trailer for “Hancock”

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This is the Trailer for the movie “Hancock“.
Comes across as more of a bum, but he is working as a superhero — so somewhere in there, maybe, there’s a hobo…

Thanks Will Smith. (We’re also big Jason Bateman fans — the last scene is near priceless)

Our roof…is sealed.

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At least, for now. Over the past two weekends prior to Easter, I’ve been battling with the Stretchguard cans of “caulk and patch” in an attempt to make Dick waterproof once again.


In the shadows of Loyola Marymount University, I think I’ve done it. All the seams are covered, two coats, plus a cheesecloth type fabric in between coats…supposedly the best way to seal up an RV roof.

Bring on the rain!

“This is an RV.” -E. Trine

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No title or introspection needed:


The Hobosoul/Bro Futurists Salton Sea Field Trip

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For those of you who missed either the trip or the premiere party, here’s a quick recap of our first of many trips to the Salton Sea, CA.

Thanks to all who traveled, who enjoyed, who participated in hobo stew, who skateboarded, who camped, who trudged thru fish skeletons, and to the many who abandoned the Salton Sea a long time ago.

Enjoy. www.brofuturists.com for more information.

RIP, Tom Celic[a]

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Tom Celic[a], faithful vehicle and friend, passed away last night in Camarillo, CA. He was only 20 years old with 182,000 miles.

While on a trip to Oxnard, CA, Tom began to rattle and then, for reasons unknown to current professionals, something exploded inside his engine. It was a slow death, as even though he had the energy to get his driver, Jeff Stone, to the side of the freeway, Tom could not go any further. Kind California Highway Patrol pushed the pair into a nearby Weigh Station, the Conejo Inspection Facility, where they remained until a tow truck arrived.

Once at William’s Auto in Ventura, CA, Scott, proprietor of the local establishment, delivered the bad news. Tom had no more left.
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Hobosoul Goes to the Salton Sea, CA — RECAP

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“Isn’t the Salton Sea in like…Saudi Arabia?”

Recently, The Hobosoul joined forces with the Bro Futurists art group on a young adult field trip to the often overlooked and underappreciated Salton Sea. Here are some photos:



Our first stop was a visit to Salvation Mountain, near Niland, to visit Leonard. It’s the old man’s ongoing project, built from bushels of hay and donated paint and handmade clay from the mountain behind, all to the glory of God. It’s incredible, and worth the trip in itself.
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Hobo Fundraising – Stage 1

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Scott Sternberg Productions recently sponsored our first feature film, in part, by donating to us all cans and bottles from the show I just finished for them (“The Academy, Season 2″).

Hobo Fundraising

Feature film is 3000 bottle/cans closer to reality.

Move “UR” Crap

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Recent vandalim…luckily not on our Dick.


This guy’s been “FOR SALE” for the past year. Don’t think anyone lives in it, but is frequently in front of people’s homes…which is most likely why it’s been painted so tastefully.

Ontario’s Homeless Tent City, pop. goes from 18 to 400

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In an attempt to control the local homeless population, the city of Ontario sectioned off a plot of land to be used as a homeless encampment that began with two dozen locals last summer and has since grown to about 400 people — naturally.

Ontario Tent City

Who doesn’t want free camping?
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Silverlake slowly pushes RVs out

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For 6 weeks in May-June of 2006, Vern and I lived between the Citibank and the Bank of America at the corner of Silverlake and Glendale Boulevards.

If we returned today, we’d find lines painted in the spot and a red curb. RVs no longer welcome.
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Hot Corners – Venice and Centinela

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So I thought of a new blog series. I’ll highlight some spots that have been key to the hobosoul, places we’ve lived near that have many key locations–for working, for pooing, for eating, for shopping, for banking, etc.

For installment #1, Venice and Centinela on the west side of LA.

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For a really good time, call…

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This guy.


The Speyside.

Look closely at the bottom of the bottle: “The Best Whiskey In the World”. God’s Honest Truth. Smooth, smokey flavor that goes down easy. On the rocks or straight up, hobo style, you’ll be enjoying the best single malt scotch whiskey in the world.

After Vern’s first taste, “It’s not too often you find a new favorite or something. This is it. My new favorite scotch.”

Dick gets a makeover…and more new things

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This one surprised me more than anything else. Near the bottom right corner of the fridge is a switch. We’ve flipped it a few times, nothing ever came of it.

Until this Saturday. One of the projects I attempted was to sand the rust from the door of our fridge in hopes that this would keep it from frosting and also save propane. After completing that, I was playing with the lower right corner of the door…where most of the air was leaking in and out.


For some reason I don’t recall, I flipped it. The light at the bottom of the fridge came on. For two years I’ve been using my phone to see inside my fridge at night. From now on, no more. No more! This little orange light will show me everything.
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Discovering new things

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Last Saturday, Dick and I went on a journey…one we hadn’t been on since November.


We dumped. Yes…November. Nasty. It’s never been more full, I promise. I was actually afraid I might flush the toilet and have pee come up through the hole in the bottom. To put it in perspective…we normally dump every 6-8 weeks. It had been almost 4 months.
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Hobos are hot

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The OC’s been right all along.