Warsaw Is Like a Woman (guidebook says)

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If you drink like a Pole, it’s hard to type. That’s what I did tonight. Great country. Short entry, long time to type it correctly. It’s probably much more fun from my perspective.

Jesse Gloyd, Screen Test for/as “Samuel Coffin”

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Jesse Gloyd — now he acts. We did a screen test/audition last week to see if Jesse had the skills to play Samuel, our mid-nineteenth century whaler in our upcoming short film “Samuel Coffin”.

We tried a couple things, including some fine improv and an original song by Jesse himself.

“It was only river whale.”

Here’s the edited audition (6 min.):

Upcoming Hobosoul Project, “Samuel Coffin” — Short Film

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While we’re hard at work on a feature script, we’ve squeezed out another script to film in preparation for the feature.

It’s the story of two friends, Reggie and Gill, who meet a man after he mysteriously swims ashore at a residential lake in Glendale. His name is Samuel Coffin, and he claims to be a whaler thrown from his boat while hunting river whale.

Samuel’s virile presence shakes the two young men and, with his guitar and profound song, the three of them quickly catapult to local cult figure fame. With the fame and fortune, insecurities of men arise, leaving each standing for what he believes. Something like that.


“A man of fame serves a god unjust and fortune withers to a root most bitter.” -Samuel Coffin


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First night in Amsterdam–had a tough time figuring my way to the hostel, wandered thru the streets smelling like airpit after two long flights with a long layover in London in between.
First two meals: KFC and McDonalds. Two of my least favorite meals–but the only places open as late as we were out.

Club 11 – top floor of some industrial building, met a guy named “Gerlach”, or something like that. Basically, the people here are super nice. We had great discussion about politics and America and all that. Steve, my Irish friend, and I were singled out on the dance floor because everyone knew we were foreigners because of our beards.

Next day, as my time runs out at the Internet cafe, we rented bikes and got some great footage to go along with that. Amazing footage.

Leaving for Warsaw tonight.

A Hobo on Homelessness

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I recently discovered the magic of blogging an opinion. Often our blogs are more factual than opinionated, so i figured I’d visit the dark side for a bit:

Here was my second response on the blog “Songs & Cigarettes” entitled “Homelessness Part 2: Stereotyping the Other“. The author’s opinion was that we should be providing the homeless with entry level housing opportunities. I begged to differ: Read the rest of this entry »

Back up!

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Oh man, we’ve been down for close to 6 days now. Sorry about that.

Our website, email, and my phone’s been dying too. It’s time for me to leave for Europe. Los Angeles and cyberspace are killing me.

Welcome back.

Hobo Anger

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Yesterday, after much deliberation, I decided to buy a truck. The 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit. And I did. I had made a deposit last Saturday of $100 so that the owner would not sell the vehicle out from under me, and he agreed.


We talked almost every day, I informing him of my choices/research/opinion of the truck. It was listed online for $4500. He said he’d fix the alignment for the buyer, which he hadn’t done yet in case that buyer wanted to get new tires. What a nice guy.
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Squirrelman Leaves his Treehouse for an RV

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David Csaky has been living in a treehouse on public land just outside Seattle, WA for the past two years. Apparently, he’s become a neighborhood favorite, and those surrounding him enjoy having him around.


Someone, the unhappy neighbor, called the cops and the’re kicking him out, saying his home is unstable and an inhumane way to live. Sad. After looking at some pictures, you’ll notice this guy had constructed himself a masterpiece.
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Hobo Update, 04/08

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Just a quick one, to keep all updated on the life of two hobos on the streets and another in a house:

- My shoulder surgery, which I thought was scheduled for 04/07, didn’t go down. It was an appointment to set up more appointments. Lame. It’ll happen after I get back from Europe.

- I’m going to Europe at the end of the month. If you need a free place to crash for a while, Steve might need help moving.
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My brother, the Wrestler/Serial Killer/Crazy Man.

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Love that face. Love it. Don’t mess with it.

Spreading the Word

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Let’s all take note of what Megan (my girlfriend’s roommate and gi-normous supporter of the Hobosoul) has been doing lately:

Not only did she connect us with Christianne, who donated an entire carload of cans (see “Doubling Our Cans“), but she’s also drumming up interest at her place of business.

Here’s a recent email that she sent out to her employees—

“Feel free to give me any and all empty and recyclable cans and bottles you have at work. There is a blue recycling bin under my desk (for cans and bottles only). I’m helping my friend, Jeff, with a recycling project. Jeff is in the movie-making business. He and his business partner are going green; they are partially funding their next feature-length film from money earned from recycling.
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Anyone want a DeLoreon?

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I was in the market for a rabbit, but this just might change my mind. Honestly.


For sale, one 1981 DeLorean DMC, in Beverly Hills, CA. The asking price: a mere $35,500.

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Dick’s Exhaust Overhaul

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Dick has been at Lincoln Auto Electric for almost a week now…and he hasn’t been touched. (Ruben did tell us that it was OK to hop his fence, so that’s how I’ve been getting home lately).

That’s the best part about Ruben. I tell him to take his time with the vehicle, and so he just doesn’t touch it. After the incident with the shouter, I’ve been glad to be off the streets lately. Let our old spots “cool off” a bit before we reinvade.

Thought I’d post some pics of the reason why we’re at the mechanic–and you’ll wonder why we weren’t there sooner.

This is just the beginning of it…all rusted out, smashed on the bottom as a result of constant curb scraping.
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My New Wheels Part #2

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The images you’ve all been waiting for…

The way I’ve been getting around town…

The transportation I’ve been enjoying since Tom Celic[a] left us…

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Locked out…

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Lincoln Auto Electric. The best garage in Los Angeles. Not only for Ruben, the owner, but for the fact that he lets us live in the Winnebago while he’s working on it.

This time around, he forgot to tell me that he built a fence around his property. Coming home after a long day, I found myself locked out.