Chuck Oldfield, Producer

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Officially unofficial, Chuck Oldfield is a now a producer for the Hobosoul. Greet him well.
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We got an Intern

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As we all know, interns are priceless. Meaning…they cost nothing. And they do the best jobs (see above).

Dan Svec, the newest member of the Hobosoul team, has “volunteered” to be an intern, and he’ll get college credit thru his school, Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA.

Listen in on his voicemail to us…where it was his school’s idea for him to get credit for cleaning our toilets.

Update about Hobo Convention, CBS Sunday Morning

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Received an update from Hobo Paul that the 2008 Hobo Convention on CBS that Vern posted about a few weeks back.

The piece is now scheduled to air this Sunday morning, if you’re in LA at 6am on CBS 2. Record it if you can’t get up that early, or if you’re in a different TV area, check the following link for airtimes for the broadcast.

Don’t miss it. And register to vote.

“02-08 TO 06-08″ (Cold War Kids) Doc RELEASED

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“Loyalty to Loyalty”, Cold War Kids

On Tuesday (09-24-08), we had the privilege of our longest project to date being released with the new Cold War Kids album, “Loyalty to Loyalty”. The title of the 35 min documentary is “02-08 TO 06-08″ and is being packaged in the limited release “DELUXE” album which includes our doc on DVD, Matt Wignall‘s photos, and the album CD.

Here’s the album teaser we did:

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Steven Ryan, Classy Guy

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Too many friends with cameras who know how to use them is a problem I have in life. A good problem to have.

In addition to our videos from Dublin (part one and part two), Steven Ryan shot some photos outside of some recording studio in front of some very graffiti-ed walls.

Dang, we’re good. Dang, Steve’s good. Click to see more.
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One of our Top 10 Angry notes

Posted by jeff | Posted in Winnebago Experience | Posted on 24-09-2008

This one, which further prompted me to get a permanent spot, was SO very angry. I was barely there for a day, and this guy must have been beyond pissed that he furiously scribbled…without making complete sense.

Long Beach Studios

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17 Football Fields

This is really exciting.

After marriage to my wife (which is also exciting), I moved out of the Winnebago and out of Hollywood (area) to settle down in the more quaint (and friend-filled) Long Beach, CA.

So, the Hobosoul office got a permanent address…in Long Beach…where there are no films being made, no gear houses, no actors, no filmmakers, no post houses, and, now, only one trifle spit of a production company. If Hollywood knew and/or cared about the Hobosoul in any way, they would laugh at our unprofessional, pathetic, your-memories-on-DVD Long Beach address.

But no longer…
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Hobos are Hot

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Jeff and DeAndra

A few weeks back, DeAndra and I hung out with Gabriel and Carlie Davis, of They gave her a great birthday present – a photo shoot. On top of that, wrote a great blurb about photography that I’m still trying to wrap my head around.
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Dick’s New…Home?

Posted by jeff | Posted in Winnebago Experience | Posted on 16-09-2008

After over two and a half years on the streets, Dick has made a move to a permanent parking place. Just outside of downtown Santa Monica, Dick is walking distance to many retail spots, bars, propane refill stations, and completely stationary.
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Friendly Suggestion

Posted by jeff | Posted in Filmmaking | Posted on 15-09-2008

“You know you should do, is sit out front of church, and look for the guy who rolls up in the Bentley coupe. He has got to have some spare cash.”

Thanks, Adam, for the brilliant idea. We just might do it.

Anyone else have any earth shattering fundraising ideas?

Choosing Actors

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Snippets from a conversation a few months back with Chuck on iChat regarding actors (photos not included to protect the struggling thespians):
(insert ridiculous headshot here)

ME: wow
CHUCK: check out that beef cake
ME: its weird you sending me photos of dudes
CHUCK: open shirt and all
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2008 National Hobo Convention — Sunday on CBS News

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As many of you probably know, there’s a magical little event that happens in the middle of a corn field in the middle of Iowa in the middle of August — The National Hobo Convention. Last year, The Hobosoul went out there as a sort of pilgrimage to explore hobos of past and present (SEE POST).

2008 National Hobo Convention

This year, regrettably, we were not able to make it out. BUT, I have just received word from one of the hobos we met (Hobo Paul) that the Bill Geist segment covering the 2008 National Hobo Convention will air this Sunday morning September 14, 2008 on CBS News Sunday Morning. Here’s a link to find out when the show airs near you (for LA, it’s 6am on KCBS Ch. 2).

If you’re unable to watch it, you can go to and click on Sunday Morning tab at the top of the page, then click on Up Next, Recap. Links.

The Bill Geist story will be the last story on the 1 1/2 hour show and will probably run 5 min.

Popularity Contest, Part 2

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Today marks the end of my 2-Week Free Trial Offer from IMDB Pro.

In the last two weeks, thru something known as STARmeter, I’ve been able to monitor not only Heath Ledger’s popularity (he’s the #1 most popular person in Hollywood right now), but also that of our current Hobosoul staff.  After two weeks of heavy competition (see part 1) to see who could become the most popular Hobosoul employee the results are in:

Jeff Stone368,403, good enough for 2nd place becoming more popular than 18,018 people in just 2 weeks.

Vern Moen297,580, takes 1st place by becoming more popular than 150,765 people in 2 weeks.

Deandra Rich370,376, in 3rd, and winning the “Most Improved” plaque, trails just behind Jeff and became more popular than a whopping 318,241 people in Hollywood.

Chuck Oldfield2,050,918, in 4th place, our poor Charles, who mid competition looked like he was going to take home the most improved trophy (he was around 400,000), plummeted in popularity this last week.  (That’s what that feeling in the pit of your stomach, Chuck.  I’m surprised grocery stores still let you shop there.)  Chuck became less popular than 1,073,942 Hollywood people in two weeks.

The team record is held by Jeff Stone who clocked in at 200,074 mid competition.  Look out Heath Ledger.

(On a serious note, IMDBpro has turned out to be quite a valuable resource for news and research.  Actor/actress and agent contact info, budgets for films, production companies, charts and graphs, news, plus you can only list your productions as “pre-production” if you’re pro, which means free publicity — I might just spring for the $12.95 a month.)


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I’ve recently been watching a lot of films (as in 4 per day on average) and have recently been enjoying individual performances by male actors.

Here are some I wouldn’t mind working with (as in, spending 5 years writing the perfect script specifically for one of them and then another 5 years pursuing them to read the script, and a couple more years to sign on):

Thomas Hayden Church (in “Smart People”)
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Pushing It Back…

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I remember a few months ago when 3 Trees approached us with the idea of a feature film.  I believe it was in the middle of April.  We originally thought we’d be done with the script at the end of May and filming a week after I got back from Africa around August 23.  Well, it’s now September 8 — and we’ve almost got the casting part down.

It’s incredible how much time this all takes.  Jeff and Chuck consider this a full-time job.  Deandra — I don’t even know how many millions of hours she’s spent on the script.  So when we realize we have to push the shooting dates back AGAIN, it makes it all the more difficult.  Seems like we keep pouring time and energy into this and it seems to keep getting further and further away.

But, it’s for a reason.  We are planning on making the best film we possibly can with what we have.  A lot of that, as in many movies, relies on the script.  So we are rewriting and reworking.  There’s no reason to jump into a script we’re not all sold on 100%.  So we are pushing our shoot dates back.

The scary part is – we don’t know when we’re pushing them back to…