Hobos on Getty

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Steve Ryan, world famous photographer for Totally Dublin in Dublin, Ireland, and other various publications, has popped up on Getty Images.

Follow this link, see if you see anyone you recognize.

(If the link expires, simply go to the Getty Images and do a photographer search for “Steve Ryan”. Check out some other photos he’s taken of us that I posted on the blog back in September.

Water Works

Posted by jeff | Posted in Winnebago Experience | Posted on 24-11-2008

It’s been an ongoing struggle against leaks, inside and out, with the Winnebago’s water system. This weekend, I waged war.

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Make Viral Ads for $$$

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Just in case anyone has a video camera and a free weekend.

Found this site for making viral spec ads. Haven’t tried it yet, but the competition looks pathetic at best. Regardless, companies like Aquafina, Pepsi, and NAFCU are offering impressive prizes for winners (between $2,000 and $5,000), and most accept live action and/or animation and are just 30-60 seconds long. They put up new ones constantly and let you know how much time is left.

Please submit good ideas here on the blog, and if we make it and win, we’ll post a picture of you smiling, followed by a picture of Jeff and I rolling in the money we won.

“02-08 to 06-08″ on YouTube for limited time.

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Our most recently completed project, a 35 minute documentary for the Cold War Kids, is available from the bands label for a limited time (1 week, supposedly) on YouTube. You can still buy (I think) the documentary on DVD in the “Deluxe” version of their new album, “Loyalty to Loyalty”. It’s called “02-08 to 06-08“. Enjoy.

A Hobo Stole our Winnebago!

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In my dream, at least.
I’ve got a wild imagination…but it mostly comes out when I’m asleep and have no control over it. Last night, I had a doozy.
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Quick Reminder, Tomorrow’s Event

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Just sending out a reminder for our event tomorrow night.

Saturday, November 15th – 6-10pm
Callis Family Boat Yard in Seal Beach.
700 Marina Dr
Seal Beach, CA

The Society of Interested Persons Bi-Monthly Salon.

Featuring: The Hobosoul, Dan Callis, Avi Buffalo Music, The Bro Futurists Mobile Art Van, and more.
Free Admission, Free Beer, Free Wine, Free High-Fives!

Hobo Stew – cooked fresh to order – $5 – Come hungry and with money!
The Hobosoul T-shirts – custom screen printing on site – made to order – $12
Shirt and Stew – $15
Custom, made to order Beer Koozie – $2
Free T-Shirts by Delve to first 50 people who show up
Cash and Carry Art Sale in the Bro Futurist Van – all work available for under $20 each

Forward this to your friends even if you can’t make it tomorrow.
Post it on your blogs, now, please.

Thanks, hope to see you all tomorrow night!

Fundraising Begun

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As part of our initiative to be a green company, we started a recycling program. We collect cans anywhere we can – at work, from friends, from friends at work, from friends at their work, anywhere. Periodically, we’ll turn these in to raise money for our first feature. So we’re not only saving the environment, we’re saving up to save the world with our movies…(?)

A few months back, we turned our first load of cans in (two truck loads, in fact), and here’s the story.

A Man Called Jon is…dead?

Posted by jeff | Posted in Filmmaking | Posted on 09-11-2008

So does this mean would should go in another direction?

Video from the Hobo Convention 2007

The Society of Interested Persons Salon

Posted by jeff | Posted in Events/Parties, Resourceful Living | Posted on 06-11-2008

Got some gospel goodness for you in less than two weeks:

The Society of Interested Persons Salon takes place every other month and comprises a unique setting for an artist, musician, literary person, and a lecturer to come and share their share-worthy things to a group of interested persons. Come on out on November 15th and participate in that group of interested persons.
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Stuff For Free When You VOTE.

Posted by vern | Posted in Resourceful Living | Posted on 04-11-2008

Why just vote when you can vote AND:

1. Get a FREE Coffee at Starbucks.
2. Get a FREE scoop at Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.
3. Get a FREE donut at Krispy Kreme’s.
4. Get a FREE chicken sandwich at (select) Chik-fil-a Restaurants.

That’s a full FREE meal with TWO deserts. The choice is yours.

And yes, it is illegal to entice people to vote by giving away free things, but the companies have figured it out and it doesn’t really matter to us regular hungry/thirsty folk. Just show up and ask for stuff.

Starbucks is expecting to lose 2.25 million on free coffee today — let’s make it 3!