The Exhaust Recap

Posted by jeff | Posted in Winnebago Experience | Posted on 18-12-2008

I don’t think that I ever posted the photos about our brand spankin’ new custom exhaust. Here they are, in all their shining glory.

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New England Ice Storms

Posted by jeff | Posted in Storytelling | Posted on 16-12-2008

(My parent’s backyard in NH)

In the wake of the most recent ice storms in New Hampshire, my parents have been without electricity since Thursday. It’s crazy back there.

The power lines fell off their house.
My brother and his wife had a tree branch fall on their car as they were driving, shattering the windshield and collapsing the roof (they’re fine).
All their fish died (a heated tank).
Friends/neighbors are stuck in their homes, as power lines have fallen in their driveways, not allowing them to leave.
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New Music Video Released – “Dance With Clarice (Somebody)”, Mando Diao

Posted by vern | Posted in Video | Posted on 12-12-2008

So I haven’t put anything up in the last 3 weeks because I’ve been busy acquiring my first editing injury — a blistered and (now) calloused wrist from over-dragging my mouse. I made a wrist protector out of an old sock I found behind the dryer and stuffed it with toilet paper. I was editing 13-hour days on this video. I’ve never been more concerned with pixels in my life.

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“Race To Witch Mountain” – movie trailer

Posted by jeff | Posted in Storytelling, Video, Winnebago Experience | Posted on 10-12-2008

About a year ago, I got a random call from someone looking to buy our Winnebago. He explained he was working on a film based on the TV films from the 70s called “Escape From Witch Mountain” and “Return To Witch Mountain”. Basically, one of the main vehicles is a 1973 Winnebago Chieftain…and well, he found us on the internet.

Taken with our story, he still wanted to buy our home so he could chop it in half and use it as a set. Not going to lie, we considered it. I’m sure it would have been a hefty sum, but in the end, we chose to keep our beloved Dick.

The reason I bring this all up now: a trailer has been released. For a few small shots, you can see a classic Winnebago driving thru the desert. The rest of the movie looks awful, but you choose for yourself.
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Categories…on the left

Posted by jeff | Posted in Events/Parties, Resourceful Living | Posted on 08-12-2008

I haven’t posted in quite a bit because I’ve been working long and hard on the “categories” that you’ll see on the lower left side of our blog.

It’ll make searching our archives easier, as you’ll be able to choose what you want to read about and get to an easy listing of those posts.

If you want to see any of our videos, you’ll no longer have to search thru each post. It’s all right there. If you want to know about hobos or hobo lifestyles, check out “Bringing Back The Hobo” category. For our travels, you’ve got it.

Hope you enjoy.

Defining the Hobo, Star Wars style

Posted by jeff | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo | Posted on 01-12-2008

Another hit from my friend Ron, this clever cartoon demonstrates that most people don’t know the difference between bums and hobos.

Actually…the hobo would be one searching for things to sell, in essence, working for his living. The bum sits around and waits for someone to give him some drink.

For the sources of the comic, follow this link: