LA Times urges special “RV Zones”

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We’ve heard it all before, but here’s another recycled article about the plight of citizens in Venice, CA by the RV dwellers who’ve taken over. Or…who were there long before many of the current residents. I say shut up, move to Santa Monica if you don’t like them. Here’s the article anyway.
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January Film Project – Hobosoul Reel

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2009 will be a good year.

As Vern said, we’re going to work on a creative project once a month for this entire year…and beyond. Basically, 2008 was a year in which we dedicated most of our time to A Man Called Jon, which we’ve since realized is a financial impossibility…for now. As a result, we didn’t do a single creative piece just for the sake of doing a creative piece. We even skipped the 48 Hour Film Festival, which had been a venue that forced us to get something done every year.

Since we’re grown men, we can admit our fault. And now we’re going to make up for it. By producing 12 different pieces by the end of this year. We’re going to CHALLENGE ourselves, and our creative friends, to get out there and DO something that we’ve/they’ve NEVER DONE BEFORE. I’m making a list of things that I personally want to learn this year – and I don’t think they’re going to be easy. From shooting a musical in a void to an action sequence in the desert with explosions going off everywhere to working with green screen suits, keying out the person inside for a shadow stalking someone or a “ghost” effect to simple, deep, belly laughing comedy, we’re going to attempt it. We’ll probably even throw in a sex scene somewhere, for good measure.
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February Film Project – “Last Man On Earth”

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One of our goals for the year is to produce some sort of quality product every month. We’ll be considering these “experimental” projects/films, as on each one we’ll be doing something we’ve never cinematically done before.

This months goal: a MUSICAL filmed in a VOID.

As of right now:
Starring: Jeff Leatherwood, Laura Thatcher, Tom Dunne
Writer/Co-Producer: Jesse Gloyd
Director/Executive Producer: Vern Moen
Producer: Jeff Stone
Editor: Jeff Stone
Assistant Director: Melinda Moen
Director of Photography: (Damion Giunta)(Vern Moen)
Assistant Camera: Andrew Lockerbie
Gaffer: Billy Harnist
Audio Mixer: Alex Julio Garza
Makeup: Tiffany Patton
Music Editor: Sam Morgan
Music by: Jesse Gloyd
Choreographer: Robert Prescott Lee
Stunt Coordinator: Eric Trine
PA: Dan Svec
Location: Light + Space Studio, Long Beach

And just for fun, we’re throwing in a KNIFE FIGHT. Why not.

We’ll post updates and pics as they come in. The script is 9 pages long, it’s dark, and we just lost our lead actress, so…

Sundance 2009

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For the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Sundance Film Festival, half the Hobosoul team (me) and friends made our annual trip to Park City, UT. Sadly, there was not enough snow on the ground to replicate last year’s adventures, nor did we have a film in the festival this year.

It was about friends, about enjoyment, about cold weather and about other people’s movies.
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Not dead, but Sleeping

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Remember how your parents would tell you that someone was “sleeping” when they were really dead?  (Never happened to me, but I’ve heard it does)

A Man Called Jon really is just sleeping for a while.  We may resurrect the project further down the line, but for many reasons, not yet.

Thanks for following, thanks for your efforts, if you were around to help out.  We look forward to working with you in the future.

“Dance With Somebody” voted #1

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…in Austria and Germany. I had heard our video was voted #1 in Scandinavia some time ago, but I couldn’t find the charts. But, regardless, we’re big in Austria and more popular then The Killers and Beyonce. Booyah.

John Stone, NH Principal of the Year

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In case you hadn’t heard (and I’m pretty certain you haven’t), my dad was recently named the “Elementary School Principal of the Year” for the State of New Hampshire. Pretty stinkin’ amazing.


A funny picture of his “impromptu” acceptance speech…let’s hope more are to come. He was selected out of all the principals in the state by a committee, went thru a ton of interviews, they toured his school and interviewed students and teachers there. Amazing.

Congrats Big John Stone. My dad’s pretty awesome.

He’ll be moving into a bigger house with white columns, a large front yard and kicking out a guy named Obama soon enough.

(Below added 1/19)

Two articles from the local papers about the award:

Keene Sentinel

Monadnock Ledger

Central Coast Road Trip

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We went up the coast of California this past week and here are some highlights and recommendations for anyone going that way. Beyond that, we’d recently considered buying a new car. This trip was a risk and a test of our Volvo, a 1984 240 DL Station Wagon we got for $1300 a year and a half ago.
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2008, A Recap/Reflection

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In January 2006, I moved into a 1973 Winnebago. In January 2009, I still am in the same motorhome. To this point in my life, I’ve only lived in one place longer, and that is the home I grew up in for almost 19 years before I went to college.
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EDAR (Everyone Deserves A Roof)

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The LA Times recently published an article about the EDAR, as seen in the video above, which provides temporary mobile “housing” for the homeless in and around Los Angeles. I could write more, but the video and article from the times speak for themselves.
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