“The Volkswagen Experience”

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By now, I hope you’ve read the first installments of my “Volkswagen Experience”. (If you linked here from Neil Crawford’s blog, read them. It wasn’t pushing the van at 70mph down the freeway. His mechanic put in a dipstick from a gas engine so the engine was 2.5 quarts low on oil, even though it read full. Get the story straight Neil)

After almost 8 months, I finally got the van. And those that brought it to me, Jon, Jacob and Ian Stowe, captured their story. (BTW, they are the biggest hobosoul fans ever…custom making hobosoul stencils and t-shirts.)

The Volkswagen Experience from ianstowe on Vimeo.

Thanks for so much enjoyment. Glad I made the cut. And I’m glad they made it down here, cause that van hasn’t run well in my hands.
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New Music Video – Delta Spirit, “People C’mon”

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The band just released this music video we did for Delta Spirit. It’s based off the Godard film “Pierrot le Fou“. Enjoy.

Director/DP/Editor – Vern Moen
Producer – Chuck Oldfield
Assistant Camera – Matt Snelson
Makeup – Tiffany Patton
Production Designer/Fight Coordinator – Eric Trine
Art Director – Melinda Moen
Wardrobe – Heather Morgan
Starring – Scarlett Kapela, Brandon Young, Jon Jameson, Sean Walker, Matt Vasquez, Kelly Winrich, Eric Trine (as “Dead Guy”), Courtney Barber, Vern Moen, Melinda Moen

Filmed at Light + Space Studio in Long Beach, CA.

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The new “Pop-Up” Trailer

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This thing is unbelievable.


A pop-up trailer that doesn’t actually pop-up as much as it does flip-open. Like a japanese fan.
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90 West Lounge – Hobo Review

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If you want to go to a bar where you risk either being in a fight, having your windshield bashed in, or most likely, witnessing a fight, check this place out.

(pic from yelp.com)
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Turning Cardboard into an Oven

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My mom recently found this interesting story about a man who figured out how to make an oven out of cardboard…

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Intern Sleepover

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Part of a requirement to being a Hobosoul Intern is spending nights in the Winnebago. To learn the hobo way.

Two things: I forgot that college kids stay up much later than me (guess I got old). They didn’t show until 12 midnight, and I had already fallen asleep. I also neglected to tell them that Dick is at the mechanic still, and they’d have to hop the fence.

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Sly and The Family Stone – Records in a Winnebago

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Eric Trine of the Bro Futurists tipped me off to this tidbit about the history of Sly Stone.

“Like the Rolling Stones’s rough and tumble masterpiece, Exile On Main Street, Riot was recorded and mixed in a portable studio, which Sly had set up in a Winnebago near his home. The group that had made their name with the sheer propulsive energy of their playing, and the effortless musical chemistry that comes of years of dues-paying, were summoned one by one into the Winnebago to lay down their parts. Sly, strung out on powders, kept on overdubbing the tracks until the end result sounded literally overloaded, drained of clarity and focus. Then he put his own dreamy, drifty, oddly chilling vocals on top. To this day, ‘Family Affair’, the album’s hit single, sounds unlike anything else in the soul-funk canon.”

So many great things are begun in motorhomes, and so many great people are named Stone.

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