Orange County Breast Cancer Fundraiser – VIDEO

Posted by jeff | Posted in Filmmaking, Video | Posted on 21-05-2009

Last Saturday we premiered our first video that we’ve completed this year under our monthly experiments. Our goal for the month of April was to create a promotional video for the Orange County Breast Cancer Fundraiser event, and that’s just what we did. The video showed at the event, with emotional and monetary response (I hope).

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The Ten Thousand Dollar Mustache

Posted by vern | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo, Resourceful Living | Posted on 17-05-2009

It’s an interesting thing that women will never understand. I don’t even fully get it. But it’s you’re friend. It’s there, in front, leading the way. A twirling confidante in times of introspection and a member of the Moen family.


My producer at work suggested I meet his boyfriend, a casting director in LA, saying he could help get me a commercial acting agent. Which brought me to one of those times of introspection and questioning — How much would it take, in a professional setting, for me to shave my mustache.
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Dick’s Sewage

Posted by jeff | Posted in Resourceful Living, Winnebago Experience | Posted on 14-05-2009

Dick’s learned to hold in his urine. And he can hold it a long time now.

Over the time we’ve had the Winnebago, the urine stench and spot underneath the drainage tank has gotten worse and worse. So I tore it all apart. And with the help of El Toro RV Service Centers in Irvine, CA, I replaced everything.

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OC Register Article on “The Academy”

Posted by vern | Posted in Filmmaking, Friends | Posted on 11-05-2009

I’ve been working on a TV show recently out of Irvine for the Orange County Fire Authority. Last week we had our media/press day and I got some photos featured in the OC Register. I couldn’t get the photos, but here’s link to the article

May Film Shoot – “The Man Date” Recap

Posted by jeff | Posted in Filmmaking | Posted on 10-05-2009


Five months, five shoots. Five scripts/stories/projects to stretch ourselves. And we keep moving. This month, we attempted to make a comedy.

The general idea: two guys are finishing up a manly night out. A reach to unbuckle one’s seatbelt is mistaken for something it’s not…and it gets awkward.

We teamed up with Tim Larson and Brandon Tyra of “Brandon and Tim” and Orange Lazarus. The two starred in “The 305“, a feature film parody of “300” based on a short they made and released on
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April Film Project – “Orange County Breast Cancer Fundraiser” Recap

Posted by jeff | Posted in Filmmaking | Posted on 05-05-2009


In the year of the Hobo, we continue to steam-roll along, creating something every month. So far…we’re still in post on our February and March projects, but we continue to shoot and those pieces are coming along well.

The project: film a piece for the OC Breast Cancer Fundraiser to help them raise money for breast cancer research through Susan G. Komen For the Cure. I’ll make it official: the Hobosoul is “anti-cancer”.

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“How To Make A Corn Bomb After Flyfishing”

Posted by vern | Posted in Friends, Video | Posted on 01-05-2009

Recently myself and some friends went up to beautiful Oakhurst, CA so that I could (possibly) purchase a 1974 Ford Bronco from Matt Wignall’s dad.

In addition to buying manly cars, we went flyfishing, shot guns, panned for gold, drank beer, smoked cigars, and — since we were there with Master Corn Bomber Paul Wignall — we got a first hand introduction to the wonderful world of Corn Bombs.

Here’s the video: