Goodbye Hobosoul

Posted by vern | Posted in Friends | Posted on 30-06-2009

So, after much consideration, I’ve decided to leave Hobosoul Productions in the very capable hands of Jeff Stone.

Hobosoul was originally a high school project named/created by Jesse Gloyd and myself. After Jeff and I moved into the Winnebago in December of 2006 in hopes of starting a production company, I petitioned Jesse for rights to the ever more appropriate company name, which he graciously gave to us.

Recently and unfortunately, Jeff and I have found ourselves moving in different directions in regards to storytelling and the general focuses of Hobosoul — different enough to bring up the thought of splitting our partnership. A few weeks ago that happened.

Fortunately, and, I suppose, somewhat ironically, our friendship, in the adjustment, has improved and we’re able to support and respond to each other better than before.

On the evening we signed papers making it official, we drank a bottle of (I think) Two Dollar Charles, like the old days, and blessed each others businesses.

I look forward to working with Jeff and everyone else here at Hobosoul on a regular basis.

Thank you Jeff, and to everyone else who’s supported us and been part of so many enjoyable projects. It’s been a pleasure.

My new email is and my new company is Long Beach Film Company and the website is (in its infancy).

June Film Project – “Feed the Cars” RECAP

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In the continuing journey to be a part of a project for every month this year, I found myself on the set of comedian Johnny Walker‘s newest music video. They needed a homeless man.

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Victory in Venice!

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Last Friday night the California Coastal Commission upheld its stance that the “gentrifiers” in Venice will not get their overnight parking regulations. Venice, for now, will continue to allow anyone, including motorhomes, to park within its city limits at any hour of the day.

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Homeless Encampment under the 10 freeway

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In LA’s most recent discovery of a ‘underground’ homeless encampment, CNN brings us underneath the 10 freeway in downtown Los Angeles where the homeless have found a very “Teenage Mutant Ninja” style homestead. Apparently, 10 homeless people made this their living quarters, but it looks like many more could.
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