Goin’ Hoboin’

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I’m off. On a short little voyage in my Vanagon, down the coast. I’ll be stopping a few places along the way, camping and thinking, drinking and biking. Swimming and writing. Eating hobo stew, smoking my corn cob pipe, All of the above.


When I return, I start Wednesday on a film called The Ward, an independent film directed by the legendary John Carpenter (think Halloween, Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China…etc). Cut by Pat McMahon (Nightmare on Elm Street, Strange Brew, The Shining TV series, Roswell…and many others). I start Wednesday.

New Website Coming Soon

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Since Vern and I have parted ways with the Hobosoul, I’ve been hard at work giving the company a facelift and a organizational redesign. Many generous hobo friends have come out of the woodwork and have been contributing to it all, mostly Ramsey McDaniel, who’s been working hard on the new site/logos/cards/you name it. Extraordinary, is all I can say, about her designs and her generosity.

Just as a tease, here’s a pic of our latest photo shoot for the site. Chuck, on the railroad tracks in downtown LA, probably illegally (but we saw no “No Trespassing” signs), taking photos for the new blog page. We were chased out eventually…and “sped” off in the Vanagon.


Vanagon Love/Hate

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First, I have my vanagon, fresh off it’s second engine rebuild. More on that later.

Second, I had two great experiences today that involved ‘Junior’. The first, a positive one. I was cleaning out the back over near the location of the motorhome when I hear “What year is that?” from behind me somewhere. This sparked a 15 minute conversation with Peter, who’s getting into the Vanagon market. He caught me in a time when I’m really happy and excited to be driving the van, so I had many great things to tell him. Turns out we’re in the same business, and our paths most likely crossed on some movies in the past.

The second…not so nice. I pulled the van up and parked on the street near DeAndra’s house. I was getting off the phone, and while doing so, one of the residents waited outside my door. He inquired how long I’d be parking there…because he thought I was going to live in it right there. I was caught off guard, and didn’t have any witty or insightful words about hobo life…and I kick myself for it. He complained about some guy who camped in front of his house, barbecuing and whatever…still, caught off guard I assuaged his fears and assured him I’d only be there a few hours.

The life of the long haired, bearded, hobo Vanagon owner. Love to have you join the club.

Red Stripe “Bashment” Starring Jeff Stone

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Not sure if you could really say I was the “star”, but I’m definitely the best. Directed by friend Isaac Rentz and produced by hobo Steve Buchanen, featuring me and a bunch other people partying with Red Stripe.

Where the Wild Things (Were)

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After almost a year of work on Where the Wild Things Are, I’m finally done.

Just a quick thanks to Ed Marsh, Erik Jessen, Steve Bobertz, Lisa Dennis, Eric Zumbrunnen, Spike Jonze, Vince Landay, Daniel Jeannette, Geoffrey Stott, Stuart Lowder, Randy Bol, Russell Sanzgiri, and Natalie Farrey for an enjoyable time and a great run (how’s that for name dropping?).

It’s great when you leave a job and everyone tells you that you are welcome back anytime and everyone’s already looking for your next job for you.

The movie comes out October 16, 2009.

June “Hobo Involved” Project

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To follow up this post on the shoot I was a part of this June, I present the final product.

Matt Sullivan
directed and edited, Johnny Walker provided music, Johnny Walker Comedy producing, Bri Smith as Guy in Car with Magic Harmonica, and me, as the homeless guy. Enjoy.