There’s One in All of Us

Posted by jeff | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo | Posted on 29-09-2009

For just about the last year, I spent my days working on Where the Wild Things Are.

The longer I’m away from the film, the more I appreciate it. The more I want to see it again, even though I’ve seen it 100 times. In anticipation of it’s release (October 16th, 2009), I decided to find all the movie posters/trailers/paraphernalia that I could and am posting it right here…for your viewing pleasure.

Starting with my favorite thing.

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A Homeless James Bond

Posted by jeff | Posted in Video | Posted on 17-09-2009

My friend Ron supplies me with constant hobo related goods on the Internet. His recent, a short film about a homeless James Bond, felt worthy of posting here…if only for the cans stored in the cardboard home and it’s subsequent collapse. Oops, I just gave away the ending.

Homeless James Bond – Watch more Funny Videos

More Portable Homes

Posted by jeff | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo, Resourceful Living | Posted on 16-09-2009

These things have been popping up everywhere lately…homes for bikes, homes for shopping carts, homes to carry by hand…you name it.

Many, many people have been sending me the shopping cart pop-up lately, thus, I must post.

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Being a Man

Posted by jeff | Posted in Resourceful Living, Storytelling | Posted on 11-09-2009

Junior has been quite the frustrating friend lately. Just last week on our ride back from Orange County, he started pouring coolant everywhere. Not sure how long, not sure how it started. Today, I had a flat tire.

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The Mobile Homeless

Posted by jeff | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo, Video | Posted on 09-09-2009

I came across this short documentary while surfing at the An interesting look into the lives of those “mobile homeless” down in Venice Beach, with some interesting interviews with the key players in fight against the RVs.

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Chuck’s Birthday

Posted by jeff | Posted in Events/Parties, Friends | Posted on 01-09-2009

Long time team member of the Hobosoul and good friend, Chuck Oldfield celebrated his birthday about a month ago. I’m WAY behind on blogs for reasons you can read about in my last entry, so that’s why I’m updating you now.


We made our way up to Wrightwood, CA to camp for the weekend. To camp, cook hobo stew, and see if the Vanagon could make it through the mountains.
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