He’s Back

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My favorite film maker, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, returns with his new movie “Micmac’s a Tire-Larigot”. Jean-Pierre is best known for his film “Amelie”. If this is the only movie that you have seen by the French director, you are all missing out.
Before Amelie he co-directed two movies with Marc Caro called “Delicatessen” and “City of Lost Children”, and then went on to solo direct “Alien Resurrection”. After Amelie he directed “A Very Long Engagement”. Jean-Pierre Jeunet has had the most influence on me by far.
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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Posted by chuck | Posted in Friends | Posted on 19-11-2009

Hello all.  My name is, undoubtedly, Charles Oldfield.


From time to time I have been mentioned in this blog, but never has there been a time such as this one.  My first entry!

I’m not going to lie my friends, the weight of what to write for a first entry is a heavy one, about 156 lbs, give or take.  So I will keep it short and simple…

Thank you for your time.

General Musings

Posted by jeff | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo | Posted on 18-11-2009

Here I sit, lit by candlelight in my motorhome I’ve so affectionately called home for close to the past four years, pondering life. Pondering work. Pondering this website, this company, this blog, this life.

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Movember – The Month Formerly Known As November

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New Image about movember.jpg

November is no longer just the eleventh month of the year. It’s now more famously known as “Movember”. Men: grow your moustaches. Women: grow your moustaches, or draw one on. Go out, get a sponsor, raise some money to benefit prostate cancer research. Looking good has never been so good.
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LAX RV Lifers

Posted by jeff | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo | Posted on 11-11-2009

My mom sent me this a while back. Apparently, it’s OK to live in your motorhome at LAX. Hm. I’ll take a spot…?

Recycling Continues

Posted by jeff | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo | Posted on 03-11-2009

In the past few years, the Hobosoul has been collecting cans and bottles as a way to 1) help the environment, 2) be more hobo-like, 3) raise money to make short films. It still continues.

Save your cans, bottles, jars, whatever. The more I recycle, the more I find out they’ll take. ANYTHING. Glass, plastic, aluminum, you name it. We’ll come collect it if you tell us you’ve got it. To date, we’ve recycled over $500 worth of short film goodness…


I found this one at work…the whole office building was recycling here. Not sure who took it before I did…but we made good money off these guys.