Hobo Convention 2009

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Apparently, while all the Hobo festivities were going down this year in Britt, many were up to no good. In my recent talk with current Hobo king, “Inkman”, he gave me some bad news…at least from the sinner’s camp perspective.

To give you the background: the National Hobo Convention is held every year in Britt, IA…for over 100 years. You can imagine it was much more vibrant and hobo-esque when it began, with many true hobos riding the rails searching for work. They’d stop in here for a week or relaxation with old friends and people they only see once or twice a year. While that still hangs true, most of the people at the convention are not hobos in the ‘true’ sense of the word – meaning they are a wandering worker, eeking out a living hopping trains from town to town, attempting to find work or the good graces of a generous housewife. Most there now are those who appreciate the hobo culture, hobo music, hobo terms and hobo ideals (at least, in a white-washed, polished fashion).
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Hobo Convention Trailer

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As part of the The Society of Interested Persons Salon we presented for last November (2008), we presented this little piece.

In August 2007, Vern, Melinda and I traveled to Britt, IA for the National Hobo Convention. Our plan was to learn more about the true hobo, to find out if they truly exist and to bring our brand of hobo-ness to the culture that already existed. It was a wake-up call for us all, in many ways. As a topper to the forthcoming documentary, “The Winnebago Experience”, this will tease your little hearts, I’m sure.
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Hobo Love

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Someone’s getting married.


It’s me.
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Stones In Vegas

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My brother Ashley and I attempting to make money playing harmonica on our last trip to Las Vegas. I made only 4 cents, but looked the part real good.

(This was directly outside the Flamingo. We were kicked out very quickly.)

When Propane Runs Out

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My latest venture into resourceful hobo living…what to do when your propane is out and you still haven’t made dinner? Tea lights.

A Hobo and His Dad

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It’s been a busy month in hobo land, and in the next few days, I’ll catch you up.

Towards the beginning of November, Big John Stone paid his first solo visit to California.


Two men, being men, fishing, camping, cooking outdoors. Lake Cachuma, just north of Santa Barbara.
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The Imaginarium of Terry Gilliam

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I don’t intend to have all my posts be about someone else’s work but the The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus is one film I could not pass up telling you about. If you are a fan of film, you probably already know about this, for those who don’t troll around the Internet all day watching movie trailers, this one’s for you.

Directed by Terry Gilliam, the man who brought us Brazil, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, and so on, brings us this new story about Dr. Parnassus and his traveling show, where he leads members of his audience through their imaginations. But Dr. Parnassus has a secret. 1,000 years ago he made a bet with the Devil for immortality and won, only to trade his immortality for youth to be with his one true love. But in order to make this trade he promises the Devil his first born child when he or she turns 16. It is now the present day and Dr. Parnassus’ daughter is almost 16 and he must find away to win back her freedom.
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