Water System – Complete?

Posted by jeff | Posted in Resourceful Living, Winnebago Experience | Posted on 17-02-2010

I’ve been living in the motorhome for over four years. In all that time, I’ve had no water pressure. I took a cold shower once, by turning on the air compressor and ducking under the drip that came from the showerhead. It was not worth it one bit. I’ve attempted to fix the entire system multiple times, all have turned up failures. It’s been a long road…and I think that I’m finally done.

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Inkman – King of the Hobos

Posted by jeff | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo, Friends | Posted on 09-02-2010

Recently I received a call from royalty. The National King of the Hobos, Mr. Tommy from the Railroad, the Inkman, was calling to catch up.

Hobo King photograph

Inkman was the first hobo we met when we attended the Hobo Convention in 2007. Vern, Melinda and I were walking the mean streets of Britt, IA, feeling lost, alone and confused.

And there he was, wandering those same streets. With stories. With encouragements. With lots and lots of words. He’s certainly a talker…and a hobo politician. Our paths crisscrossed a number of other times throughout the event, with meals, interviews and events.
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Hobo Line

Posted by jeff | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo | Posted on 02-02-2010

It’s been quite a while since my last post…and for that, I apologize. This one won’t be very long either…but interesting.

Back when I was working on Where the Wild Things Are, Production Coordinator Randy Bol invented the “Hobo Line” as a way to determine how hobo I really was…as you can tell, I didn’t get good marks.

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