Spiral Islanders

Posted by jeff | Posted in Resourceful Living | Posted on 31-08-2011

In the spirit of presenting new/different ways of life and promoting the work of friends, I bring you Spiral Island.

(the original Spiral Island)

In 1998, artist Richart “Rishi” Sowa began construction on an island home off the coast of Mexico. “Construct an island?” you say, “Construct an island!” I say.
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Goodbye Dick, For Real.

Posted by jeff | Posted in Winnebago Experience | Posted on 15-08-2011

(Just a few more ramblings about my motorhome, please bear with me.)

For the first year of our marriage, my wife and I kept a journal. In it, we detailed what was happening, our experiences and thoughts/emotions/feelings about life and our new marriage. Now that we’re into our second year, we’ve gone back and have been reading entries from the year. Almost one year to the day, we read the entry of our last day in the Winnebago. I’ve copied it here for you.
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In Transition

Posted by jeff | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo, Winnebago Experience | Posted on 11-08-2011

The hobo’s life is and always has been about transition. Moving from one city to the next. Looking for work, finding work, working the job…and back to step one. You get the idea.

I sit here today a man in transition. A company in transition. A life in transition. Just over one year ago, my wife and I moved out of a 1973 Winnebago Chieftain that had been my home for close to five years. We transitioned from life in LA to life in Oakland.

One month ago, that Winnebago was sold. And with that, the Winnebago Experience officially comes to a close. At least, for now.

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