Gatorade – Redefine

Posted by jeff | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo | Posted on 22-11-2011

We’ve kept you waiting for far too long. Over a week without a new video is too much. So, here you are. A spec spot for Gatorade.

We teamed up with the guys from Illuminate Design, who we’ll continue to work with in the future. They’re bright, creative, talented, intelligent and busier than we are (if you can believe that).

Ashley Bradford and I produced, Dave Gawron shot and did the VFX work while I edited and Chuck directed. Tiffany Patton on makeup. Starring Jim Hayes and Phillip Quansah.

(Side note: this shoot was the impetus for me to decide that the Vanagon needed to go – it broke down right when we got to Palmdale, had to be towed all the way back to Los Angeles.)

New reel will be on it’s way soon!

The Gospels – Dance Decay

Posted by chuck | Posted in Filmmaking, Friends, Storytelling, Video | Posted on 12-11-2011

Our latest video has us teaming up with Orange County natives The Gospels in the release of their song “Dance Decay”. The Gospels, based out of Fullerton CA, are straight forward rock-and-roll, straight from the garage. Check them out on Bennett Records along with a handful of other fantastic musicians. And, enjoy the video.

Director: Chuck Oldfield
DP: Matt Snelson
Camera Operator: Dave Navasartian
Edited by: Phil Higson and Chuck Oldfield

The Hobosoul Gets Sexy

Posted by chuck | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo, Video | Posted on 09-11-2011

Like we said, a lot of stuff on the way. So, let’s kick things off with this commercial we did for an underwear company called Br4ss. We teamed up with Matt Rodgers Media to create this tale of a man being fitted for a pair of boxers by a sexy seamstress. Enjoy.

Lots To Come

Posted by chuck | Posted in Filmmaking, Storytelling, Video | Posted on 08-11-2011

Hey everyone. So, it’s been a little while since we last spoke; we know, we know. But like most guys would, we are going to overlook the fact that we have been MIA and shower you with all the promises of what’s to come and hope that you forget all about the fact that we left you pining for a little Hobosoul.

Coming soon:

Br4ss Underwear: Commercial
Glimpse: Short Film
The Gospels – Dance Decay: Music Video
The Steelwells – This Dance is Out of Your Hands: Music Video
A Series Of Shorts shot/directed/edited by Jeff Stone
Gatorade: Spec Spot
Adidas: Spec Spot
Avia: Spec Spot

On top of all these things, a new web design AND a brand new Hobosoul reel. It’ll be everything you’ve ever dreamed of…and more.

The Hobosoul Brewery

Posted by jeff | Posted in Bringing Back The Hobo | Posted on 02-11-2011

You might all be wondering what we at the Hobosoul have been up to all year. We haven’t posted a video on our home page in a while (some soon to come), but we’ve been busy brewing. A lot.

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