“Tiny Homes” – Not Quite House, Not Quite RV

Posted by vern | Posted in Resourceful Living | Posted on 23-10-2008

For those that either can’t commit to this “crazy” RV lifestyle — the masses have spoken and a new breed of residence has been born. These are “Tiny Homes” and they average 100 – 200 sq. ft. in size, come with wheels, and cost between $36,000 and $47,000.

The idea behind Tiny Homes is to offer people a way to live free of daunting mortgage payments (although I still don’t have $36,000 laying around) and a more resourceful lifestyle.

OR you can go to Mexico with $2500 and drive home a vintage one and really live life.

This is Jay Shafer showing off his 100 sq ft house. He lives somewhere in central California, maybe near Napa. He owns Tumbleweed Houses who build some of the homes (their site is down from all the recent hits).

They say you can park it anywhere you can park an RV, so…maybe this is something Jeff can retire into when he’s 65.

Here’s a blog that has a list of “Modern Day Thoreau’s” — people buying up land in beautiful places, dropping a 150 sq ft. home down, and “living in their view rather than looking at it”. Well done all of you people.

“Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, or more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” – Albert Einstein

Tom sells these Container Homes for $9,000 near Portland, OR.

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Wow. I think that I want to retire to one of these now. Somewhere in the mountains. Let’s get a bunch. Who needs Hollywood?

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Saw this on the news the other day. So fabulous. Thanks for highlighting.

I dream of being self sufficient and these homes are part of my vision. I am so tired of the materialistic greed that I see happening I dream of donating everything building a small home and moving to a forest or mountain type area growing my own food and living off what I make. Sites like this show me it”s possible. I have found sites that help you find information to build your own solar energy and wind energy systems how to grow and store food and so much more. Thanks for your site it gives me hope :)

I love his tiny houses! And admire anyone who can live with so little ‘stuff’. I have too much stuff!

I built my own 8ft. by 16ft. house behind my parents home, and lived in it untill my folks died. We sold their place, and my tiny house went with it. Today I miss that little house.

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