New England Ice Storms

Posted by jeff | Posted in Storytelling | Posted on 16-12-2008

(My parent’s backyard in NH)

In the wake of the most recent ice storms in New Hampshire, my parents have been without electricity since Thursday. It’s crazy back there.

The power lines fell off their house.
My brother and his wife had a tree branch fall on their car as they were driving, shattering the windshield and collapsing the roof (they’re fine).
All their fish died (a heated tank).
Friends/neighbors are stuck in their homes, as power lines have fallen in their driveways, not allowing them to leave.
Many have had branches or entire trees fall on roofs.
When they went to church on Sunday, it was 34 degrees inside the building.
My grandmother stayed in bed to stay warm, and didn’t eat anything for almost three days. When family realized this, they went and brought her to warmth/saftey/food in Massachusetts at my aunt’s house.
To find others like this, police are going door to door, getting people out of their houses to shelters that do have power and heat.
Pipes are freezing, creating a bigger problem once people move back into their homes.
People are hot wiring up generators to their homes, some in their garages…without opening. Few have died from carbon monoxide poisoning.
Schools have been canceled for the entire week.

Basically…chaos. Roads are still impassible due to fallen trees/branches etc. Many places are still without power, as the power companies cannot turn things back on as so many wires are still down.

In all of this…my parents and brother have been sharing a generator, with each house using it for a bit to warm their houses just long enough for the other two to use it. My brother has a wood stove, so that’s been a haven for him and my parents.

From the latest email update from my Mom:

“Doing quickies for the Internet as we are plugged in momentarily. We unplug something to use something else. So to cook tea water, I unplugged the TV and the light in the living room, the one we only have plugged in, so that I can heat water. No cooking stove, just a microwave, again, unplug the light and plug in the microwave. Another snow/ice mix tonight and a Nor’easter expected for the weekend. The principal lending us his generator is talking about possibly needing it this weekend. So……”

They’re living like us…except we’ve got warmth. So…pray for those in New Hampshire. Call anyone you know up there…phones still work.


Tops of trees cracked down with the weight of the ice



What used to be a thicker forest than now…my self made tree fort still stands!


Somehow, they are getting up and down the street—thru this “tree tunnel”


The downed power line…that truck isn’t going anywhere.

In other news—Dick leaked like crazy this weekend. I can’t complain about it–see above–but it was a pain. One of the roof vents tore off in our rain storm, and I had left some vents open without realizing it. It’s dry now, still at the mechanic, getting the dash rewired.

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We’ve been getting calls non stop from up there. Generator service and all that… Hope your family is well

wow, jeff! had no idea it was this bad up there. is there anything we can do? send blankets or anything? let us know and we will be praying!

Good report Jeff. I took the pictures but haven’t seen them on a computer yet! Boy they look bad and that is reality. Some (maybe us) might not have power for days or weeks. Hey you are coming home on Sunday and we will have some fun!


We are coping, still without power, no sign of the electric company in our area. We move generators around as they are needed and have spent three nights at home in 7 days, with limited lights, no cooking, etc. Life stops so that we can keep the generators going and the candles burning safely. Prayers for the power to come on soon would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.

We’re coping too — our generator is a godsend, with heat, a few lights, and hot water!

We finally got our power back on day 11 of the outage from the ice storm. The neighborhood had it the day before, but because the lines had been ripped off the house by the trees branches, it took another day. They were here from the Boston area and it took 3 hours to replace the put up the lines. Our phone line was ripped off also as to prepare for Friday’s snowstorm of 10+ inches, they had to collect the cones from the roads and cut the dead lines so that they could plow the roads. You can’t imagine how elated we were to be able to cook a dinner in the oven and on the stove that day. We didn’t need flashlights to go to the bathroom or get ready for bed. We were able to have warm meals. No more candle supervising. I still have a friend without power so hopefully she will have some pretty quick. Thanks for all the prayers.

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