Rubber Tramping down the Coast

Posted by jeff | Posted in Travel | Posted on 24-08-2009

Rubber tramping – traveling in your motorhome/car/vanagon living in random places along the way (note: not official definition).


Almost a month ago I took off…in my Vanagon. I’ve never officially introduced you to Junior, so here he is. Everyone, meet Junior. Junior, meet everyone. He’s a 1982 diesel Volkswagen Vanagon who’s been quite the handful since purchased. He’s running strong now, with two long successful voyages in the last month.

I headed down the coast for some time to myself. First stop was in San Onofre State Beach campground for two nights. I biked a lot (it felt like half way to San Diego), swam/body surfed the beaches and burned lots of stuff (ALL our old scripts from our almost-feature “A Man Called Jon” and close to two pallets that I found behind Ralph’s which I carried to my campsite in my backpack on my bike). Chuck joined for night number one, bringing down whiskey and one of the full pallets that I couldn’t get myself.


I burned this little guy too…a dead and gone squirrel that had dried up on my site. It’s much better for the body, I promise you. I can’t say how many other squirrels violated his dead body.


After my nights there, I made my way down thru Oceanside and Carlsbad, for more biking and swimming, ending up finally in downtown San Diego. Met up with some old friends and slowly made my way back up the coast and back home after a good 5 day voyage.

Being out on the bike/in the van/by the ocean always gives me time to think, to process, to clear my head and settle my soul. That’s why I have to get out on these trips periodically. Life is too busy, stressful, and chaotic sometimes here in LA as a part of the film business. Sometimes I feel like my days never stop (lately, I’ve been up at 630a to get to the gym before work, working a full day, and then staying until 10 or 1030p after work cutting short films we hope to submit for this year’s Sundance Film Festival). I’m not asking for your pity, by any means, but encouraging you as well to get out of town, get your head out of your daily clutter every now and again: it’ll do you wonders.

Since Vern and I parted ways, I’ve also been busy with decisions about what to do with the company going forward, getting all the legal and tax stuff taken care of, and in some ways rebuilding the whole thing. It’s been a good experience, and I think that we’re both better off going our own directions right now, but it’s a taxing and tiring path as well.

I’m glad you’re still reading, glad you’re still supporting, and I promise that we’ve got great things in store to reveal soon. We’re on the cusp of finishing almost all our shorts that we shot in the first half of the year as well as writing and shooting more…and other things as well. Many which I can’t even talk about just yet, because they’re that big.

In short, that’s why I haven’t been posting much lately. The new site is coming soon, which will blow you away, and after that, I’ll be sure to post more often again, with all your favorite hobo stories, projects we’re working on, and insightful stuff.

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i second that motion…everyone should take time to get away…get out of their own head, take a sabbath and come back enlightened about life… changes that need to me made, adventures that need to be had and things that you really should be thankful for more often.

after a three month road trip in my tear drop trailer to alberta and back my head is clear and i feel alot better, I relized all the things i missed about home are the same reasons i wanted to leave. Now that i’m back and nothing has changed i now know how perdicdable people are and how we are creatures of habbit. I’m looking foward to my next adventure and reading about yours.


Pretty nifty vanagon. Dad will be impressed when he comes down. It better not give him any ideas!

Ideas??????? Now what kind of ideas could I get about having my own van …….A Man Van!!!!!!

Hah! Nicely said and done. Now it is my turn to be jealous. I am vanagonless until October. She’s at the BusLab in Berkeley for a 2.2L Subaru engine transplant.

AH but that jealousy won’t last long on your part once you take that thing out on the freeway at about 85mph. Let’s meet in the middle.

[...] Rubber Tramping down the Coast [...]

Just saw your blog through a google search on rubber tramping. Me and a few friends are in the process of selling/giving away all our schtuff and hittin the road indefinitely. From readin this page, sounds like you’re living out west…

We live in Florida right now but are going to head west after sept, 1… was wondering if you could give me some pointers or recommendations on places to camp out west on the cheap tip. I have never left the east coast before and am kind of unsure of where exactly our trip will take us.

BTW, im jealous of your sweet ride, yo! we got 3 people in a hyundai santa fe… prolly gonna get pretty tense in there… also, your beard makes you look like a bad ass.

if you wanna give me some pointers i’d appreciate it. if you want you can check out my blog at

it’s pretty lame right now, but once we hit the road we plan on updating it on a fairly regular basis with stories, blurbs, pictures and video.

Hey man. WHOAH! You’re living the life I dream of. I’m headed out on a rubber tramping adventure with Augustus up there above my comment. I’d love to follow your blog, and if you’re interested, give mine a look-see. I’m also jealous of your ride. :) Looking forward to reading more!!

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