Goodbye Dick, For Real.

Posted by jeff | Posted in Winnebago Experience | Posted on 15-08-2011

(Just a few more ramblings about my motorhome, please bear with me.)

For the first year of our marriage, my wife and I kept a journal. In it, we detailed what was happening, our experiences and thoughts/emotions/feelings about life and our new marriage. Now that we’re into our second year, we’ve gone back and have been reading entries from the year. Almost one year to the day, we read the entry of our last day in the Winnebago. I’ve copied it here for you.

I never imagined how difficult this day would be for me. It’s a big day. A momentous step in my progression as a man, as a husband, as a citizen of Earth.

Today is the day I move out of my motorhome.

It’s been the best and worst place I’ve ever lived. It’s weird to empty it of all my stuff. Very weird. I haven’t seen it this way since the day I bought it. It shouldn’t be this tough. A period/stage/era of my life is over.

I love this small space I have. Everything in such a compact area. I’ve learned and grown and changed so much in here. I never wanted to leave. And if we weren’t moving for this movie, we’d probably have stayed for a long time, until kids, most likely.

Why not, really?
I’ll remember that when I have a real home.

We pack the car and get ready to drive away. I sit in Happy (our car) and see Dick (our home). D and I prayed over him, thanks and praise, very emotionally and I thought I’d gotten it out. As we’re about to drive away, I see the roof vents are open.

I’ve got to shut them.

Alone in Dick for the last time and I break down. Sobbing.

Snot and all.

Words cannot express my heart here.
I’m a wreck.

I gather myself, close the vents and head inside the house to the bathroom.
D has clearly wondered what’s taking so long and has come in to check on me. I duck out of her view and into Molly’s (our roommate at the time) bathroom to wash up and make myself more presentable. Once so, we hit the road.

It’s been a long journey, and now we start a brand new adventure.
An adventure it has been. The picture above, by the way, is from the first day we ever laid eyes on our precious Dick. Few know he was brown with a brown stripe down the side, few others know that we purchased him in Puerto Neuvo, Mexico.

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You have a good soul, Jeff.

i love this. i love that i got to hang out in dick and share a memory. love love love.

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