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The hobo’s life is and always has been about transition. Moving from one city to the next. Looking for work, finding work, working the job…and back to step one. You get the idea.

I sit here today a man in transition. A company in transition. A life in transition. Just over one year ago, my wife and I moved out of a 1973 Winnebago Chieftain that had been my home for close to five years. We transitioned from life in LA to life in Oakland.

One month ago, that Winnebago was sold. And with that, the Winnebago Experience officially comes to a close. At least, for now.

It was a stressful weekend for me, of which the details are not important. Friend Jeremy Newhouse (pictured above, embracing Dick for me for one last time) came to the rescue, got the Winnebago started and out onto the street for our new owner to purchase. Harv, as he’s known to us, will take care of him well. He already owns one RV, and is living the dream Vern and I once had – building a successful production company out of a motorhome and then amassing an army of motorhomes in which to grow the company. In some ways, I’m jealous of Harv – he now has the joy of seeing Dick out his window every morning. That motorhome was/is loved, and will always hold a special place in my heart – and in the hearts of all whose lives he touched.

And now, I stand in transition. We’re in an Airstream now, in Oakland. Life is quickly passing us by. It’s been over a year, the movie I am on comes to a close in 6 short months. And that is strange. We don’t know where we’ll be next March, where/if I’ll be working. My wife, DeAndra, started a job on her first feature on Monday, and is killing it. And loving it. So what does this mean, for her and for us? Will we continue to find work here, or will we return to LA after this job is over? How long will we pursue the film business, from afar? Will we transition into other careers, other endeavors that bring us alive as filmmaking does? Only time will tell.

The other part of me that stands in transition is this company. Clearly, there haven’t been many updates lately. There haven’t been new videos posted, no stupid ramblings on our blog. It’s not from lack of excitement in life, in fact, it’s for an abundance of it. We’re constantly writing, we’re editing, we’re receiving VFX deliveries, scores, concept art – all for projects that are both ongoing and others that are brand new projects which we hope to put into full production soon. We’re brewing beer – at the moment, I have two 5 gallon batches fermenting, one 5 gallon batch of plum wine and hops growing all over my property. We’ve got 3 feature scripts we’re tinkering with almost every night and we’re working on a short on the side. We’re exploring and loving the Bay Area. In LA, Chuck is heading up a number of photo shoots, industrial projects and projects with Party City. He’s directed two music videos, one of which is only waiting on the band to release to the public.

Things are busy. Where will the Hobosoul go from here? To a place it’s never gone before, that’s sure. We’re expanding in some areas, contracting in others. Focusing on creative projects, less on industrial. Taking pictures, shooting movies.

For this blog, I hope to revive the spirit of it’s original intent: to share an interesting look at living life. That began in a motorhome, on the streets. I’ve been remiss to post since I moved out, as I couldn’t find a true direction for it, and it didn’t feel honest. Life is more than where your next meal is coming from, or what movies you like or where you live or what software is being released. Too often, we’re bogged down by things that don’t matter and we’re not able to look at life from a true, honest perspective. I pursue that in life, and will attempt to convey that here, within these figurative walls.

Here’s to honesty, to truth, and creativity, and a renewed spirit of exploration and sharing. And…to Dick. Thank you for all you’ve done.

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The tears are rolling through my eyes, eyelashes, onto the slope of my nose, onto the sides of my mouth, into all the crevices on my face, such a tearful ode to Dick. I also hold memories of Dick and our experiences, particularly meeting DeAndra, one night, a few years ago, at Dockweiler! Memories…..

Thanks for the thought. Keep on rolling!

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