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You might all be wondering what we at the Hobosoul have been up to all year. We haven’t posted a video on our home page in a while (some soon to come), but we’ve been busy brewing. A lot.

If The Hobosoul Productions doesn’t survive as a film company, we’ve got high hopes for a second life as a brewery. Or, a dual purpose company, with life in a warehouse, split into two: film stages, offices and edit bays at one end, craft brewery/brewpub in the other. Now, there’s a life plan.
Currently, we’ve got 6 beers either fermenting, conditioning or on tap.
The Housewife Handout Porter, Recreational Rider IPA, Follow the Harvest Pumpkin Ale, Gypsy Belgian, Reefer Bock (so named due to it being fermented and lagered in a refrigerator, nothing to do with the other “reefer”), and a Blood on the Tracks Barley Wine (it’s going to be very high in alcohol content).
Please, stop by for a brew. Taste and enjoy.

High tech brewing: in an Airstream, in a red tub, the Barleywine sits joyfully, fermenting away.

In the fridge, cold as can be, this dark lager comes to life.

The Gypsy Belgian stayed in primary fermentation for 3 full weeks, sleeping in the same room as my wife and I. That’s love.

An older brew pictured here, the “Road Kid Red” – dry hopped with 2 oz of hops and 2 oz of french oak chips, both adding delightfully unique flavor to this beer. It’s gone, it was drank quite quickly, sorry.

Let’s not forget yeast washing, an instrumental part of a successful home brewer. My fridge is filling up faster than I can eat the pickles to gather new jars.

And one last thing! Not only do we do beer, here we’ve got a plum wine, harvested and brewed locally at my friend Nathan’s house. A few more months of aging and this stuff will be ready for bottling and then drinking, just in time for spring.

If you’re ever really curious to see what we’ve got brewing, check out for a list of all of our recipes and what is currently brewing or on tap.

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Drooling right now! I don’t know if I have ever been jealous before, but this is about as close as it gets. Congrats on the brews! I have friends up here in CT that grow their own hops brew. We consider ourselves beer enthusiasts. but you have a serious operation there. I am actually looking into the requirements, training, and certification to be a beer sommelier. I don’t know what I would do with the title, but there is an idea a friend came up with to open Jorge Casablanca’s Rock N’ Roll Beer Hole. (George Whitehouse is missing his front tooth. it seems fitting.) Anyway, Maria and I just went to the Brooklyn Brewery + Peanut Butter & Co. first PB & Beer tasting. It was INCREDIBLE! We also got to meet and listen to Garrett Oliver host, which was quite the treat. There is an app called UnTappd that me and my buddies participate on that you might like. Also, I just entered a beertography contest – I will keep you posted on FB, I may need some votes to win ;-) Now that would be a sweet job. Beertographer. It just has a nice ring to it. Hope you are doing well. Maria and I plan on taking a trip out there next summer. Hope you are around. Take it easy.


I’ll vote for a win. If any of my friends become sommeliers, or beertographers, you’re an even better friend of mine. Can’t wait for you to get here, to drink my beer and take it’s pictures. (They do nudes)

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